Expressions you get tired of hearing


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1. That's life.:rolleyes:

2. Blood runs thicker than water

3. Love conquers all

4. Look at the positives(can get annoying sometimes)

5. I'll wait forever for you. (Sounds like a bit of a stretch.)
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1. It happens

2. You know i'm here whenever you need me / you can trust me

(when are obviusly a lie)

3. Don't think too much about it/ just forget it / you're just overthinking

4. Bro

5. Not trying to be rude BUT.... / no offense BUT (when they're gonne be rude AND offensive rofl)

6. Game is saving, please dont turn off your computer

There are probably more, i'll update if i remember any.


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-You just need to think more positively.

-How are you still hungry (or variations on this. Always makes me feel like shit)

-They are family (when used as a guilt trip to forgive someone who doesnt deserve forgiveness)

-Lets all go around the room and say a little something about ourselves

-Can we talk? (or the other versions, we need to talk, I have something to tell you, can I ask you something.... Just freaking say it and save me the worry of waiting to hear what it actually is)


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1. I like him/her because he/she says what all of us are thinking.
2. I'm very intelligent (or strong) - I just don't feel like people who are really intelligent or strong go around announcing it.
3. What did you do over the weekend?
4. Oh, that's just your imagination.


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Here's some more that tick me off.

1. I was/they were just trying to help. ( Sometimes your advice is unneeded.)

2. (Refer to number one) Maybe they didn't know what to say. (LAME!)

3. I love you with all my heart.

4. There's no such thing as good or evil. ( Yeah, ok:rolleyes:. Keep telling yourself that.)

5. You're overthinking it.

6. Learn to deal/cope with it. (I get what they're saying, but if someone is actually in a very negative environment with their work/family and is not benefiting them, then that advice is meaningless. Coping doesn't make the problem go away. In fact, it can worsen over time if you choose to ignore it. I know this from experience. It's not a great strategy.)

7. Forget and Forgive. (Not everything has to be forgotten. Not everyone has to be forgiven. Again, it depends.)

8. Do you trust anyone? (Depends. I don't trust EVERYONE. Big difference.)

9. When you look back, you'll wonder why you got upset over such silly things. (To you they seem silly, but for someone experiencing them, those "things" left me emotionally scarred. You don't know the severity of my situation. Please stop downplaying my problems.)

10. You're not alone. (True to an extent, but I'm always facing my battles alone. )

11. Pretty girls are crazy.

12. It's the quiet ones you gotta watch out for. (Thanks for the insult.(y))

13. You'll change your mind about wanting kids. (It's a matter of choice. I mean if you want kids, that's great! I don't tell you how to live your life. I don't impose my beliefs onto you so why should you? Not everyone is meant to be a parent. There's nothing wrong with that either. They're not hurting anyone.)
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How about this one:

Maybe the bad is supposed to help you see the good. What good? I feel like every bad, excuse me, dreadful experience I went through has debilitated me. The effects are horrible. All it does is teach me how to withdraw myself in fear(I could write a super long list about it). These circumstances happen without rhyme or reason and I have no control over how they play out. All I know is that I sure am paying the price for it.
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1. Be strong ( The truth is you can't always stay strong. At some point or another, there's gonna come a time where you'll have to get your emotions out. Denying them will make you feel worse. I get that you're trying to motivate someone and help them move on with their lives, but we're not one dimensional cut out cardboard. Give people a chance to express their frustrations.)

2. Speak! (Yes. Someone literally told me to speak when they saw I wasn't being talkative. I'm not a dog!)

3. I should make you come over my house and make you mow my lawn and wash dishes. (I realize people say this as of a joke, but I get tired of being seen as the "caretaker." The over-giver, y'know? People who don 't know me will crack jokes about me cleaning something for them and I get this so often. I mean it was funny at first, but give it a rest! It honestly makes me feel like an object and it annoys me! They like the idea of me doing their dirty work for them, even if they are joking. No that's your responsibility. Clean up after yourself!)

4.No one understands others completely. (I've heard this phrase being thrown around a couple times. I mean, I guess that's true because we all experience things differently... but the sad thing is, and I personally believe this, if we go on in life keeping our emotions/problems to ourselves, it'll make us crazy. Again, I've been isolated for a VERY long time without having anyone besides my family to confide in... and they're not the greatest at giving emotional support. All I'm saying is, and this goes back to number one, if you have a friend/lover/family member who is genuinely going through a rough phase in their life, PLEASE don't shut them out. I get depression isn't easy for some people to handle. Let these people vent, let them get their feelings out. See where it goes from there. I truly believe some of the people who have depression just want to be heard, because I'm not gonna lie, it's gonna be very tough living your life without some emotional release. Not all of us are attention seekers. Sorry, I kinda rambled a bit too long for this one. That's just how I feel.)
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- Get over it
- That's not what I said (when you misunderstand what someone says, or they say it wrong and make it sound like it's your fault; it's such a rude statement that I cannot stand)
- Choose to be happy/positive! (A friend has been saying this lately. I know she means well, but jesus christ tell that to the thousands of people that are suffering from depression every single day. Yeah if it were that easy to flip a switch then we wouldn't have any of these problems.)


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- Get over it
- Choose to be happy/positive! (A friend has been saying this lately. I know she means well, but jesus christ tell that to the thousands of people that are suffering from depression every single day. Yeah if it were that easy to flip a switch then we wouldn't have any of these problems.)
I work with a peer specialist and everytime we talk about my issues, her mantra is usually "You just gotta think positive. Life is always hard and it'll never be easy." "I bet you could wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and find one positive thing about yourself."

Yeah, just put on a fake smiling face and things will get better for you. You know what, I actually remember someone said something about how "You can't pretend something doesn't exist because you don't like it." I mean come on, it's denial. Sure, life is hard and yes it's fine to have a positive attitude... but can we be a little more realistic about this? I do believe there's such a thing as being overly positive.

You don't wanna be too positive to the point where it clouds your judgement to make good decisions. Don't get me wrong, I'm not say it's healthy to dwell either but being positive ALL THE TIME EVERYDAY, to me, sounds emotionally exhausting. That's how people build up walls around them and if they keep putting up that facade in front of others, then what's gonna happen when something actually does go wrong? Everyone will just keep thinking you're ok because they only see the act you put on. No one deserves to be miserable all their life, even if life's hard.

Telling people to repress their emotions 24/7 will possibly make them become detached and that's pretty bad. I see so many people changing from being nice and helpful to others to not giving a cr#p at all... and this happens because of the way they get treated. It's sad! I mean, I understand why they would feel that way, but I just hate seeing good-hearted people having to change their attitudes too; becoming cold and withdrawn.


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This one I find incredibly irritating:

You can't change them but you can change how you respond to them. Right, 'cause that usually gets others to stop treating you a certain way. Just change your reaction and that'll make them stop treating you badly.
Again, it's about avoiding the issue. How does changing the way I respond to a certain situation help fix the problem? In my experience, people treat me poorly regardless of how I react towards them. I don't know.

As well intentioned as these people are, it almost sounds like they philosophize these phrases to stop YOU from doing anything about your situation. Like they're reciting lines from a self help book instead of being upfront with you. I don't know if that's a subconscious thing or because they don't think your problems are as bad as you make them out to be. One thing for sure though is that it's extremely annoying. It's just funny that literally almost everybody I talk to has given me the same exact advice. Something just... isn't right about that.
1. 'tell you what. (When trying to negotiate with someone, hearing the expression makes it sound like a concession is about to be made to your own advantage, but this isn't always the case)

2. With all due respect. (Just like @F0AM 's "Not trying to be rude but") Hearing this expression usually indicates that you're in for something unpleasant.

3. Just go for it. (My father used to tell me that as a teenager in a bleak attempt to dispell my apprehension about speaking on the phone or handling certain things on my own because I'd stutter and not be convincing). @FriendlyShadow I was told "Speak!" and "Well?" whenever I'd mark an apparent unvoluntary pause while stuttering and because I couldn't get my words out, people assumed it was so easy to get over that.