driving fear


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Funny how i used to be afraid of biking because of my neighbors. Now I am afraid of driving because I am so scared of getting into accidents. What if I accidentally injure or kill somebody? I wouldn't be able to live with myself. I don't drink or do drugs while driving, but I'm bad at it. I can't even do parallel parking. It's true that many women, including me, suck at driving. I also suck at car racing video games. People think driving is fun but when they actually hit something or somebody, the fun goes away and jail comes along. I take driving very seriously, because driving is a privilege not a right.


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long time since, I made this thread. since then I lost my car that I was driving because driving became to hard and my phobia was to strong. I can`t even walk and ride my bike in traffic now. because this whole thing about me not able to drive has got the better of me. I can`t think and focus like I yoos to be able to before I tryed to drive. I feel like I can`t make in this world now because eveything I need I have to go through traffic to get it and everything is money , money, money .........​
Can`t get a job in less I have way to get to and from there. Can`t get a job in less I have away to get there to apply for it. Well you all get the point I put the blame on me not able to drive on everything.


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^^^ I guess thing can get better I just over reacting. Someday I well get over this and when I do I well share if anybody interested. Once I get over this and start to get around like I hope I will find a cure and give it out. I am tried of this SA thing and want to erase it from the world. I don`t think it right that people have to suffer it and be hated for it. Anything I can offer the world to help I will.


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I always park in areas where it is quieter even if I have to walk further from where I park my car. I avoid busy car parks and roads. When I take my 4WD into the bush, I always leave it and walk when the going looks difficult. I don't enjoy driving much, it seems to be quite an aggressive competitive sort of an environment. I guess it is better now I am living in a country town with less cars.


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If I couldn't drive, or feared driving, I would be a totally different person.

Whether it's driving to a quiet town, or into the middle of Sydney, I love doing it. I love driving. :)


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I too am scared of driving, well not scared, more like... ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED!
I still only have my beginners, whats worse is that me acquiring my full licence seems to be a priority of my parents rather than one of mine, I have simply no need for it and of course like to avoid stress inducing situations.
I tried learning to drive when I was 27 or 28 years old, and it was such a horrible experience.
I had a driving instructor who didn't help me at all, and he got completely frustrated with me, and he seemed like a completely nice guy. But I was just so bad, I made him upset and lose his patience with me.
After driving, I would have a huge headache, and just felt like crying all day long because I couldn't do something any idiot grade school drop-out can do.
I am 32 now, and I have zero desire to drive. It would help me out a lot, but I just hate driving so much.


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I am slowly putting myself back in line with traffic again for I see I have too because traffic is part of my jungle that I have to learn to survive in. Today I got my nerve back to get back on the road with my bike. I find it very nice and peaceful I find a nice place where everybody ride their bike around.
I Thank the SPW for letting vent this problem. ( it help to say and get it out of the way. )​


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I'm so happy to read this topic. I'm only 21 but people joke around with me all the time about not being able to drive. It's embarrassing but I'm absolutely terrified to even try. When I was 15, I drove my parents' car down the driveway and back. Although they said I did great, it was enough to know it was too scary for me. I was in a small car accident when I was younger, so even being in a car is stressful for me. Luckily I live in the city now, so I can walk everywhere.

I do hope someday I can get over the fear and learn. I imagine you're a lot more free.


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Hello I am back the man that can`t seem to stop making mistakes. So what did I do this time will I am back on this thread for driving fear so that one clue.

I Made a big mistake On buying a car without a license plate and I don`t have Driver license. I never thought of this it never run thought my mind as a problem. I went thought all the other stuff you need to check on when buying a used car all the engine works. But it never occured to me to check for license plates. You got to have Driver license and car insurance to get a license plate. And you need to have a car with license plate to take test so You can get driver license. I spent all my saving so I can get this car the same saving I was planning on moving with if thing heated up to much where I live now.

It been my dream for along time now on being able to drive and have my own freedom. I ask my family about this and they acted like it was not a big deal like you can get license plate with out a Driver license. But then after checking around much to our surprise we find out you can`t. I don`t understand I was able to buy a car without a driver license why can`t I get it plated. I got a spot of luck my sister offer to help me out by letting me use her car for the test. But then that spot of luck disappeared My sister got to busy to help me out it was no big deal she did not have to help me in the first place. But now I am lost figuring out to solve this problem on my own. Then my landlord came told me he did not want my unlicense car park out their for to long. Boy I don`t know how to wrap this up. I guess I will just leave off by saying. "I WISH THE BMV OFFERED IT OWN CAR FOR THE TEST". and was not yelling --- only in my heart.


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I started driving at age 28 believe it or not. I was terrified and thought that all driving instructors were men and that there was no way I would get in a car with a man I did not know and have to talk to him lol.

Fast forward to 34 and I'm always driving everywhere. In the beginning, my anxiety drove me to go around an unfamiliar round-about the wrong way- and having a bus with loads of people watching me actually having to perform a U turn on that round about. LOL - omg .. But I went and parked somewhere and had a breather.

I think its about pushing yourself, but having a backup too. I learnt in the country and didnt like to ever try and go out into the city where it was intense. (we only really have 1 traffic light in my home town) - so Id have to be conscious of the lights all the time and so on. I had my dad sit next to me and calmly guide me driving in the city, until I could do it myself- Then even (on my own) I got lost and ended up on a highway lol- but I managed to get off it and find my way.

I think most people though, have things that they dont or wont do when driving. I wont parallel park most of the time because Im scared of hitting another car. But I will do it if I have to.

The fear of busy traffic and intersections really does get me though, and I will constantly be whiping my sweaty hands and panicking inside. Feeling like Im doing something wrong or that something is going to go wrong.

But, the more that I have done things I have had fear on, the more I get better at it. Its just how you feel and if you feel ready and visualising and feeling confident to tackle it.


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will I am back with this problem again. remember that car I bought and said their was nothing wrong with it , will I was wrong. there was a problem with it. My sister boyfriend been really nice and helping me out with this problem. But now they are getting tried of me .:sad: because we can`t figure out what wrong with the car we fix one thing after another. Every morning when I get up to start the car the car won`t start until I jumpstart it. It runs for a few hours and won`t start again. It die some time on the road.

I been nervous about driving it because I fear getting stranded in the middle of no where. I was first told I should just keep driving and so I could pump out some clogs in the gas lines. So I kept doing that and kept on having that problem. and I was feeling something was a miss. So I took it to a place where I could get my light check and find out that my gas was lean and some wrong with my PCV value. He told me I should not be driving it. So I told my sister boyfriend and we change the PCV value. But no luck then he said since we so far change spark plugs and spark plugs wires and fuel filter. and now the PCV value that it might be the thing called Mass airflow señor.

:reading: And So I did more research on if I should be driving a car with a bad mass airflow señor and it said I could risk damaging more expensive parts on it. So for along time I have not been driving my car because I need certain stuff like a mass airflow señor cleaner. I live in the middle of no where and no place sales that stuff and no taxi or bus. I can`t get stuff ship to me because I have a PO box address. So now my family think it not worth fixing because they think I am scardy of diving it. I am not afraid of driving it I am just afraid of getting stranded and having to pay more money to get it towed and damaging more parts on it.

:sad:I don`t mean to bug anybody about this But my family is making me feel like I am doing the wrong thing. So I wanted to share this story with you guys. Do you think I should be driving it ? or do you think I should wait until I fix it ? They refuse to help me now and say that helping me get a car was a big mistake. I thought about just driving one last time to get the stuff and try fixing it myself. I don`t know how bad the problem really is if I could drive it a little or not. I got a long drive to get their and back. I wanted a car so I could start putting back the pieces of my life. finding places where I could be around people more so I could practice more on my social skills and finding a path for my life. I guess I was just meant to be lock up for the rest of my life.

yeah sorry for writing this guys I just wanted to get this rant off my chest.


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When I first started driving I felt nervous in my stomach. It was like a tightness in my stomach. It was like that for several months. Then one day I realized I no longer had that tightness in my stomach - the nervousness was gone. So my advice is to drive as much as possible because it takes time to get over that nervousness.

Driving doesn't bother me anymore unless I'm driving in an area I'm not familiar with then the nervousness returns. I live in a small town though. I can't imagine living in a big town with lots more people/traffic and multiple lanes of traffic to have to move through. That must be awful.


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I'm over 30 and I still can't gather the courage to get behind the wheel. Granted where I live there are an unbelievable amount of terrible drivers and don't get me started on the accident's rate. So needless to say it is a terrible place for people like me to start driving. I did drive for a bit but only to school and back and that was it. Never felt comfortable even when I was out there. But I hope to overcome this problem soon. Because well.....I don't really see any other way.


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Highways are the easiest places to drive, brother. Last time I drove on the highway I actually had to stop at a gas station because it was making me sleepy.


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I also have a driving fear. My biggest fear is the highway, so I avoid it and will take surface streets instead.
I feel the same way. I have been driving for almost 9 years and can count on one hand the number of times I have driven on the highway. It's not just my fear of crashing but also my fear of getting lost.


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I feel the same way. I have been driving for almost 9 years and can count on one hand the number of times I have driven on the highway. It's not just my fear of crashing but also my fear of getting lost.
At one point I was using the highway to get to and from work, just need a little more practice driving so I can gain confidence again.


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The part I hate the most about leaning to drive again is that I am not with everybody else time table. Even though I got my driving license I am still practicing with how to park straight and stuff. Everyone I know is short with me because I am over third and not a teen. They all think I am crazy because I still want to drive around empty parking lots for extra practice. They seem more mad at me because I decide now to learn to drive and not when I was a teen like them.