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  • Hey! I'm sorry if I missed you! I accidentally fell asleep and missed when I said that I would be around. We can talk whenever you feel comfortable though. :D
    I don't want to pressure you. I'm just concerned. It sounds like things are tough right now...I'm just worried.
    Hey! I think I missed you! I suppose I picked a bad time for an afternoon nap. I'll be on from now 'til the late evening however! :)
    Hey there! We left off on an incomplete conversation last time! Sorry about that, as I kind of disappeared for a bit. Life got busy.

    That being said, things should slow down within the next month or so. I look forward to picking up where we left off!
    Hey Defiance. Would telling those people (i assume is your family) make situations that much worse? Maybe if they knew what the problem was they would give you less grief?

    Sorry ah didnae answer yer last question in mini-chat last night. But, if ye want, ah could answer it next time yer online?
    Well, it's doable. The thing about suffering from depression is that it has made me a more empathetic individual. That's about the only positive I can see. XD
    I'm one of those people too, just intermittently. I've gotten to the point where my depression isn't constant, but I know what it feels like to want it to end. :/
    Hey sounds good! I was just worried. If you ever do feel like you may do something...impulsive, be sure to check out the resource thread we have on the forum, alright? :)
    Eh, thanks... Ah guess? For the empathy, at least.

    It's just... Y'know? Shit to realise that, as ye approach yer 30s, yer parents and family taught ya nuthin'. Treated you like shit, but say they love ya and would doing anything for you - except what you want. :kickingmyself

    And sorry to hear you're huvin an equally shitty day. Hopefully things will get better for both of us, eh? :thumbup: At least, that's tha belief am clingin' to at tha moment.
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