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  • what happened to your thread about mary jane? must not have been kosher, eh? I was curious too....good question to ask.
    Hey Zav, how's it going? :) Have you found that book and any expats to talk to yet?
    Forums are great, having people in RL to talk to can help big time too..
    I am working on it. Havent been into town for a while, but heading in this week...will keep you updated...
    Hey, you mentioned you had lots more wilderness photos, have you created an album with them here?
    Lol...will do. This is big man.... I have a game plan...refined down to a fine art....she wont be able to resist.
    i'd say give her some space for now, if she's avoiding you.. i think it's a good idea to get in the gym and work off some of your tension! and do whatever you feel is right, if you'd just like to chalk it up to 'lesson learned' and move on and don't think she holds much significance to you, then i'd say don't go out of your way to talk to her, but maybe you could still just text her or whatever randomly just so she knows you'd still like to be her friend...

    i always say that the best thing to do is live for yourself.. better yourself and do what you can to be happy.. when you're happy and secure with yourself, things will fall into place.. don't look for love, just keep your heart open, always be genuine and have a little faith and hope that someday when you're meant to be with someone, it'll happen.. a lot of times we like to map out those things in our lives, but we can't really decide who comes along and when, all we can do is be ready.. hope things work out for ya, bud! :)
    Hey not a problem, yeah will catch you some other time when your on. Sounds like an interesting line of study, I got into Civil Engineering at Uni when I left high school but anxiety problems stopped me from pursuing it so I'm always interetsed in Engineering.
    the meteor shower wasn't too bad! i've never really sat out and watched one before so it was a good first experience... i saw quite a few from my back yard, but it probably would have been much much better had i been away from the city =/ lol
    hey! i was really glad to read that your new employee mixer went really well!! that's so awesome :) i hope it gave you courage and let you know that things CAN turn out okay!! and that's too cool about the girl who said she was a bit of an agoraphobe! that's why i'm always open with people about my anxiety, because most of the time, they can relate or they're sweet enough to try to make me feel more comfortable :)
    aww, that's awesome! haha! i hope you don't really blame me for spending all that money on it though! lol :) it's a great scent! many girls favorite, by far!!! hehe
    Hey Zav, sorry for the late reply. Internet has been down. How are you doing? I am here because I am socially inept, nervous, socially anxious, and am developing some severe misanthropic, self loathing and nihilistic tendencies...aside from that, I am perfectly sane. How about you?
    sounds like you really hauled it up that mountain! time for a hot bath and sleep!
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