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  • lol true. i'm more into the jazz/rock thing.. my main thing at the moment is playing in a jazz combo, but i'm also working on composition at school, which focusses a bit too much on 'art music' for my liking.. haha :)
    well, business and law sounds much more useful, haha. also a better way to make a living :)
    Sorry I missed your messanger thing. I had to step away from my desk for a bit, and when I got back you were logged off. I didn't want you to think I was intentionally ignoring you.
    haha! y'know, i think it'll actually feel kinda weird when these aftershocks stop. when one of the big ones happened today i was in class.. everyone paused what they were doing for a millisecond, then it was like nothing happened. lol.
    Hey quiet kiwi, I am good, how are you doing? I will try to catch you online for a chat. I am online in the evenings mostly. NZ time naturally...
    Hey sorry I didn't answer your chat message, I was asleep. Maybe talk some other time?

    Oh and to answer your question, I'm a Mechanical engineering student working in petroleum.
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