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    How are you feeling?

    Honestly yeah I kinda feel the same regarding it being the happiest of my life. I've never had that connection with a group of strangers and I kinda haven't since then. I think I was a free spirit back then. I was fun and excited to discover a new world filled with people like me. And it was...
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    How are you feeling?

    I remember back in the day (like 2009) this site had an irc spanish chatroom. I was in there everyday. Made lots of friends, even got a boyfriend from it. I had to of talked to maybe 20 people. Now I only keep on contact with 2. I miss those days though. I was happy back then. I've actually had...
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    Resigning As Mod

    After giving this some time to think about, I've decided this isn't the right place for me to moderate. I'm glad I gave it a try though and I'm happy that I've learned a few things from this short experience.
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    can't eat when depressed

    when im depressed i have a really hard time eating. i dont have an appetite at all. I have to force myself to eat. sometimes i will make something but not be able to eat it even if i havent eaten all day. and im already really thin, so not eating is really bad. ive lost almost 10 lbs in the past...
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    Caffeine and Panic Attacks

    ok I feel like a lameass for posting this now! Just FORGET IT!!!
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    YouTube Clips

    I like watching random youtube clips... didnt see a thread for that, well ok im too lazy to look. So anywhoo... I just found this and I love it 1. ... 1000-Hand Guan-Yin Dance 2. ... Holy Crap that one is awesome
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    Taking The Easy Way Out....

    well ive been looking for a job for a while now and what i really want is a stay at home job, or a job that doesnt envolve too much human interaction.... but that just makes me wonder... If I did get a job like that, I would feel like im taking the easy way out... kinda. I feel the same way...
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    Talking is weird...

    I dont talk to people much. So when I do it feels weird. Cause im not used to doing it. Im not sure if im being myself or not. I usually feel like im putting on an act. But I just dont know if thats how I really am. Cause I dont talk to people. I just talk to my cats. Anyone know what im...
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    My "friend" again

    Booo, im lame
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    OCD gets worse when im tired

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    Advice please :)

    so this is about a job. Ok, I saw an ad in the paper for pre-school/daycare and im thinking about calling. But me, being all shy and stuff, am very nervous about it. And im not sure what to say. Or what I should ask. And the other thing is that I dont even like kids. I dont have any real...
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    Computer Help

    I dont know what the heck happend, but my task manager is gone! I tried using it yesterday and it said "Task manager has been disabled by your administrator".....What does that mean??? I cant live without my task manager :(
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    Stop Calling!

    Im starting to get really annoyed with my friend, lol. When am I not annoyed??? Anyways, she for some reason feels the need to call me EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! And she talks about nothing! Just random crap that I dont care about. Its getting pretty ridiculous. It doesnt seem normal. I dont enjoy...
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    Bank Teller

    ok so ive been looking for a job for a really long time. and i was thinking about being a bank teller. do you think thats a bad job for someone who has social anxiety?
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    Think This Is Funny?

    Just wanted some opinions on this video. Some people think its funny, but I DONT