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  • Happy antiValentine's Day! :) Wishing you interesting days, meaningful inspiration and little sparkles of sunshine!!
    Aww, that's bad. But you don't have to put on a happy mask here. If you're feeling too down, talk to us! Venting is good :)

    I'm not too well either, but eh... I'll survive, I guess.
    yeah it great when you come back after a long break and someone remembers you. I took a few month long breaks from here too but not continuous you really need a break from here from time to time it gets pretty overwhelming after a while.
    well its being pretty crazy for me too lol lots have happened but i'm feeling ok at the moment :)
    Oh, don't worry, I understand. I've been rather inactive as well. I hope things are a bit better now... Are you alright?
    Hi :) I just saw your post on another person's thread and your battling with cancer and SA really touched me. How are you feeling now? I hit a really low point yesterday, too and so many people on here have messaged me and been so kind. I hope you are ok <3
    Not that I wanted you to be, just to be clear on that lol.
    I could have sworn I already added you a long time ago. Anyways good to see you again, I thought you were dead honestly. ;(
    I hope that your doing okay. I just saw your post and was concerned. I know it's random and I'm a stranger but your in my thoughts.
    Sorry if I sounded as if things were better for you.
    Are you serious about your suicidal plans? Well, I think comments like that should be taken seriously, regardless. Ryan is terrible, I'm sorry. I've been cutting lately... it's my most consistent coping mechanism now, I guess. Is there anything I can do for you? Will you please reconsider? I'm aware of your misery, so perhaps it isn't my place to tell you to live, but I don't want you to die.
    I'm glad the infection is over, you don't need any more trouble. So good to hear that things have improved with Ryan. I think you two feel too deeply for each other for things to simply die, and I hope that you are able to begin your new life with him one day soon. I'm sure you would prefer talking to him more often, but I guess this is better than how he was acting before. Your patience with him is admirable. I know the feeling. Still chanting? Are things any better with your mother?

    I've been ok... just job searching and trying to secure my future as well.
    Hey, its been a little while. Hope you're okay. How have you been? How are your plans going? Your relationship?
    i seen your post where you said you were interested in the history of maths there was a really good 4 part documentary on the bbc a while back called the story of maths that you might be interested in. I'm sure you could find it somewhere online, heres some info BBC - BBC Four Programmes - The Story of Maths, The Language of the Universe. Just thought i'd let you know :)
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