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  • Hiya! It's nice to see someone from Arkansas on here... I'm not from there but my brother lives and goes to school in Pine Bluff. are you? So...stop by and say hi.
    Hmmm, very interesting man. Does it take a lot of patience to learn Martial Arts? Are you a MMA fan by any chance? What is it about writing that you like?

    As for me, I'm an out of touch MMA fan. I was really into it about 1-2 years ago, but because of my busy schedule, I just got out of the loop of all of what was happening. As a result, I lost interest. While I have some time off, I'm trying to catch up with things again.

    I'm also into most sports, pro wrestling (I'm a closet wrestling fan, lol), music (I listen to just about everything), movies, yoga, and etc.
    No problem brother, you seem like a cool guy. So what are you into and what are you interested in?
    Hey Nicky I added you and I like your first song by Sixx Am. Your page is cool, it shows more about who you are! I'll post some pics and info today, looks fun :D
    Haha that's a good one! There were a lot of Snookie's and Russell Brand's this year. Yup I was a flapper girl, those girls from the 1920s. I ate a lot of candy though and now I am a major chunks. How was your Hollow's Eve? :D
    I have been good, I just wanted to check up on you. Most peeps are straight banning themselves and I wouldn't want you to be MIA. We would miss you! :D
    You have disappeared from the face of this planet...oh wait you logged on a few days ago. LOL! Just want to say hi and I hope your internship is going well Nick!
    I think a lot of jobs are like that when you first start off. I think you will adapt quicker than you think. I think putting yourself in these types of fast paced environments make you stress, but also at the same time help you adjust to your environment more. Congrats on the jobbie job ;)
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