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  • Hey xervello! :) My favorite horror movies would probably be The Bad Seed, Birds(the hitchhock movie,), and I think I remember seeing It by stephen King. Not many horror movies have intrigued me or I would favor for. They are all too bland and simple. I wish they would pick story lines away from haunting a house, or teenagers stranded and are clueles a serial killer stalks them. I'm writing scary stories if you ever want to hear about them. I'm not sure if their good anyways. They are just ideas I though of(I'm still trying to figure out my story itself.) Even sci fy horror movies look too cgi with their stuff.
    Bye ;)
    Thanks :) I actually looked for a good picture of Margo before choosing this one, I love her! I wish she was real. And Sam from Garden State!
    Welcome, welcome and make yourself at home. Would you like anything to drink? (derp I know I don't get many visitors, no need to rub it in! :p)
    Jsyk, I decided to post in the how are you feeling thread. you're not obligated to respond. sorry for the inconvenience
    Do you mind if I pm you? *bites nails off* I'm requesting an ear loan. *gives you coin*
    Hyperbole and a Half: Adventures in Depression

    If you've never seen this before, it's given me quite the chuckle at how relatable and cute that character is. Nice imagery there btw lol! Thank you, same goes for you.
    Thank you for inquiring on my love thread. It's not really anything I wish to delve into, just general depression. That's when I realized this place makes me happeh. Or at least, a little better.
    I know....I've had super busy week - haven't even had my 'lego fun time' lately
    very sad :(
    But I haven't forgot!
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