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    Any House of the Dragon fans?

    Anyone watching? Admittedly, I had zero desire to watch this show. I was a fan of Game of Thrones for about five seasons, then it started going off the rails during season six. Season seven was awful. The final season was atrocious. And I don't care one iota about silly dragons, so when I...
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    Do people want to be friends with you?

    I guess it starts with what you consider a friend to be? What does that word mean to you? Can't say that I remember an instance where someone I didn't consider a friend referred to me as one. Were that to happen, I suppose I'd feel flattered. It would make me feel good. However, if I was...
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    Self Sabotaging Job Opportunities.

    Sorry you felt that way and that it didn't work out. On one hand, you don't want to be working somewhere where you have to drink just to be able to function on the job throughout the day. But on the other, there aren't a lot of great options for people like us with social anxiety. If you have...
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    New Game!!

    Valentine's Day
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    Do you feel like you fit in with any of the friends you have? I think the only thing that's possibly worse than being alone is being around other people and still feeling alone.
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    It's completely understandable to feel that way. Being around "regular" people can feel like a high wire act if you have social anxiety. You tend to be overly cautious not to do anything that makes whatever awkwardness one might have stand out and potentially be mocked or humiliated. So it...
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    What are your hobbies

    - writing - playing with my pup - listening to music - watching reaction videos on YouTube - bad horror films - Twitter
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    For anyone with eye contact anxiety difficulty, this worked quite a lot for me instantly!

    Apologies if I'm prying, but have you always had problems with eye contact or did it begin during high school? I only ask because I think a lot of my anxieties began around or shortly after puberty. When I was a kid, I was pretty independent and had little to no social anxiety. Funny you...
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    thoughts on your future

    The Australia option is probably unlikely at the moment. For starters, I have a dog and I don't see how I could safely transport her with me there. I'm not putting her on multiple planes for 20 hours. And I don't see how with my severe anxiety and inexperience with independence I could manage...
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    thoughts on your future

    Sounds great, lily! You both sound so close. That's lovely. :) As for myself, I don't know. It's the one question I've not been able to answer ever since I was a teenager. I have a friend who lives in Australia that would be excited to have me as a roommate. That could be a possibility...
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    Does Social Media Help?

    Thank you, and you seem nice, also. :) Twitter is like most other places, you can use whatever name you want. You can give as much or as little information about yourself as you choose. It's a great way to engage in public conversations (about politics, music, sports, science, veganism...
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    Does Social Media Help?

    Twitter is highly addictive and can bring out one's worst traits (negativity, bitchiness, bullying, etc.) but it's also good in that you're exposed to other people's viewpoints, pick up on things you're not ordinarily aware. The first year or so of being on it, I definitely indulged in my worst...
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    Initially I was that way in my 20's when I was more socially active than I am now (though I wasn't that socially active then either) and it was exhausting always being on guard. Your situation sounds equally exhaustive. Some of it is warranted. As with your post about compliments, most often...
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    Does Social Media Help?

    Just curious to any APDs that may still kick the tires around here, does social media help, hinder or have no effect on your ability to connect with people? Speaking for myself, things like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. (almost exclusively Twitter for me) have helped take the edge off of...
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    rate the last film you watched

    3.5 out of 4 stars or 5? Scream is my favorite franchise, so while I still liked 4, I thought it was the weakest. Was pleasantly surprised by 5. Still not as good as the og trilogy but pretty good, nonetheless. Stoked for the next!