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  • Love Worrywort. Very soothing, calming song. I cried when I saw Radiohead in concert, it was so beautiful. :)
    Your website is absolutely wonderful (if I'm right in saying you created it?) Either way, it's just an awesome, beautifully-designed website. I love it.

    Thanks! I dont get much work, i usually get a new job once every 2 months or so. Uni work fills up most of my time though.

    Uni is ok but i am struggling with social anxiety alot, especially with living in a student house. I am starting to think i wont get a job after uni because its so hard to get creative jobs, i dont know what i would do otherwise though.
    Yeah, I am a big fan of Radiohead. I do graphic communication at university which involves illustration, graphic design, animation etc. I sometimes do graphics for bands online as well, you can see some of my work at Meztone on deviantART, its not as interesting as yours though.
    Hi, i just wanted to say i really like your website. The songs and illustrations are great, very original and interesting.
    Hey, thanks for accepting :) I'm good thanks, got a bit of a cold but not the dreaded swine flu at least, lol! How are you?
    dude, COMA is a wicked song. love the atmosphere it creates. keep making good music, you've got talent.
    yes i most certainly am. worrywort is one of their best b-sides for sure. and it's surely about ANXIETY.
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