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  • Hey Bob,
    How's things? Hope you're still enjoying the job. Has the novelty of driving worn off for you yet? :p x
    haha! cheers man! yea diaphanous was my attempt to see how far I could go, using only my left hand and some old crayons.....I don't think I'll be going there again! ;)
    Your site is awesome!!! Its unlike anything I've ever seen before. Very unique. I haven't explored all of it yet but so far my favourite is diaphanous. :D
    Congrats on passing the road test! I hope my advice helped.Now watch out for all the crazy people on the highways:).
    Hey, I’m alright thanks. All set, or I will be once I’ve figured out the journey. It’ll be a unique situation, should be very interesting. How are you?
    Oh well good luck with it! I can imagine it's not much fun, especially right now anyway. I'm not working at the moment. I'm on esa and i'm doing some garden jobs, but I can do work alongside that if I wanted. I was thinking of going to a temp agency but I never did, there's also hospital jobs, I might check it out but I don't like hospitals too much to be honest. There's also supermarkets and to a lesser extent retail (retail kinda scares me), but the supermarkets are stupid. I was all set to apply to asda last year until I read the interview process involved a presentation and singing.. hmm, yea. I'm looking to apply to clearing in august because I want to get back to uni or something productive instead of wasting my time!
    Anyway I hope people start getting back to you about the jobs because that's very annoying I know. How is the meet up thing going btw? I hope people are getting back to you!
    Thanks! Oh no, I hate job hunting, good luck with that! I've been searching but no luck, there's nothing much here and i'm too picky = bad combination. I'm doing alright, thank you for asking! I haven't been drawing much at all, i've moved on to photography, it's a little easier since I can bring my camera everywhere. :) Glad to hear you're doing alright, take care! x
    Answer on my profile Worrywort, I was again too stupid to write it on my own profile :D.
    Hi Worrywort, just wanted to say I liked some things you wrote before, I gave you rep point and then wanted to rep you about 3 times but it wasn´t possible anymore. It wasn´t personal bias toward any person, I just liked what you said. Guess you must be a nice person anyway.
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