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  • I'm doing alright thanks.... well, I'm sure many people read it, but just lazy to post comments on your blog , just like me :D

    take care and keep in touch ...
    Hey , how are you doing? I like your blog , but it's kind of hard to read with the picture and the bright colors in the background...
    Aw thanks hon :) Yeah chage freaks me out too, lol! I'm pretty scared, but also excited. Hopefully things will work out well!

    Glad to hear you're getting a change of scenery too! College is much better than high school, the teachers are less shouty and the atmosphere is more laid back, I think you'll like it! Hope everything goes really well for you :)

    Take care hon and hopefully we'll speak soon!
    Haru xxx
    No problem. :)
    My week's been alright. I have exams, which everybody seems to be stressing out for except for me.
    I quite like them, to be honest. :)

    How about you?
    Hi Sarah! Thanks for adding me fellow Maccabee :D gosh I haven't listened to them in ages, I will now for a nostalgia kick! Wow so you're an aspiring writer, what sort of stuff do you like writing? xx
    hey! :) thanks a lot! yea it's all my stuff! it really makes my day when someone takes the time to tell me what they think of my art, so thank you very much! I appreciate it! :)
    Oh, hello there! No worries at all, and I do remember you. The writing's going pretty well actually - I'm writing a piece for a friend!
    It's ok, but from experience, I'm not sure though if adding me again will unblock me ...

    Anyway, we can still chat in skype :)

    Take care
    Hey Sarah :)

    Good to hear from you, hope you're ok? I'm alright thanks, got a lot of changes going on at the moment... I'm splitting up with my boyfriend and moving back to the city I grew up in. I'll need to find a new job there too, everything's going to be different in my life soon! It's pretty scary, but I need a change badly! How's everything with you? xxx
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