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  • Hey Jimsie man. Nice hearing from you again. How is Uni going for you? Words of wisdom, you say lol. I never thought I had that sort of affect. You'll bump into me one of these days :)
    Hey dude. Do you mind if I ask for your Deviant Art address again. Didn't really have time to check it out yesterday.
    Hope all is well :)
    Are you going into your final year now? I'm sure it won't be too bad, they may be very nice. What's it like sharing a house? I'm not too bad. I started taking antidepressants which seem to help in some ways. I'm thinking of going back to uni in september, I would rather do that than have yet another year out. I could start in the 2nd year or start a whole new course. It's very daunting.
    a new job every two months isn't too bad.....you're doing better than I did! I think I've only made about a hundred odd quid since I've started making art, while I've probably spent over a grand on equipment and stuff! [business really isn't my forte!]

    but yea I had a hard time at uni too. Halls were the worst. Mainly because I was living with this guy that would have unannounced house parties throughout the night, and I'd lock myself in my room and stick my ear plugs in and hope that they'd go away!.....but not getting a creative job when you leave I don't think is so bad....all of the art on my website has been done in my free time, while I've just done odd jobs to pay the bills.....so if you enjoy art then you can still carry on, but getting a creative job would definitely be a bonus though. But I reckon, judging from your work, that you've got a pretty good shot.....so good luck! :)
    Hey, I found your story interesting. I can relate in a lot of ways. I've not experienced living away at uni but I know uni itself can feel a very lonely place. College was the same for me.
    Hey man, your work is brilliant! I've always found it really difficult to get my work up to a professional standard, but yours looks totally professional. I love the dreamsword booklets. Do you get a lot of business?
    Your uni course sounds similar to mine. I did media production with animation. It never led to a job, but I don't regret it, I learnt loads. How are you finding uni?
    Hi! :) Thanks jimsie. Are you into this kind of art and music yourself then?...I pinch most of my ideas from radiohead!
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