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  • Hear angel trumpets and devil trombones. You are invited to a gathering in Montreal at Spheretech for 6:45 this SAT
    Hi. I hope you're feeling better today. *HUG*
    Let me know how the Deerhunter show goes....i'm excited for you. Any other new bands you have checked out lately? I used to be able to listen to music all the time but with 2 kids now it's a little hard...
    have a good day Matt
    I'm happy for you. :) Sometimes you just have to let go and take a chance.

    Hayden is doing well, of course he loves the Pixies, that's his favorite band! He loves the song "Gigantic" and his favorite Radiohead song is "Myxomatosis" haha. I actually have video of him dancing, it's so cute.

    How's Sydney treating you? Hope you're having a good day.
    I can go on and on about how great Radiohead is too.....I really love "In Rainbows" it is a perfect album, they are just incredible musicians. My son really loves dancing to the "In Rainbows - Live from the Basement" dvd we have, he gets all of his moves from Thom. My favorite album is "Kid A" but I also like the older albums like "The Bends". I'm buying a drum machine this summer, it's just something i've always wanted to mess around with and make music on. Do you play any instruments? I play guitar and bass as well but i'm not really that good. What other bands do you like? Do you go to shows often? I'm going to see Nine Inch Nails this year!! Sorry about the extremely long message but you brought up the right topic ;) Have a good day Matt.
    Hi Matt. Australia, wow that's far from me. I live in Canada, much colder than where you live i'm sure. Elliott Smith is my absolute favorite musician/songwriter ever. Sounds silly but I actually relate so much to his lyrics and he is just an incredible song writer. I have lots of favorite songs, like "Tomorrow Tomorrow" "Christian Brothers" "Southern Belle" "Speed Trials" "Angeles" to name a few, and my favorite albums are "XO" "New Moon" "From a Basement on the Hill" and his self-titled album, but all of his albums are great. I love talking music!! You have really good taste, it's not often I meet people like you.
    Hi! You can call me Amie, and i'm doing ok thanks for asking :) Hayden is doing well, I have started taking him to toddler gymnastics and he's really enjoying it. I'm not too big on getting out and being social but it's for Hayden so I force myself. How are you doing? What's new in your world? Where are you from anyway? Did you get your name "Videotape" from the Radiohead song? Sorry, lots of questions..:)
    Soon, I hope! :D But it depends how many people are available and when. Gotta find out how many people have work/school/uni/are on holiday etc...
    I expected to lose the Liverpool game ! lol Djibril Cisse is wicked super player for the club and the crazy hair ! lol too bad i heard the Newcastle is ather him to replace Owen !
    Dont know mate but dont feel that upset about losing to Bolton we also lost to them i think it was 1 - 4 if Newcastle could get at lease 4 ponits out of those 3 games you'd think they'd be safe but i doubt it tho you might be saved by Hull City since they seem to be in free fall ever since Boxing day!
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