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  • aye thanks amie, kind of scary though, my cousin brought her kids aswel, and they were all running around the garden playing tag (or hide and seek) or whatever its called!
    hope you are feeling well xx
    Cheers I'll have a look. Its a shame they dont have an acoustic album :( maybe ill just rip their stuff from youtube.
    I'm not up to anything exciting tonight, maybe watch a movie and just chill.
    I'm feeling great thanks, my new mentos (meds) seem to be helping, maybe its just the placebo effect. But whatever works :)
    Do you have any plans for the weekend?
    I'm good. School hasn't started yet. There's still 3 weeks before I have to fly to ontario. Thanks for asking.
    Hey sleepy :)

    no its sadly not my footage was an american tourist off the english coast takin a video of the moon on the beach at night.

    wow...must of been a hell of a sight seeing that....i have seen other stuff too....all very strange....i remember reading an article about the vancouver lights you ever read about that...totally fascinating !! hehe :)
    Thanks, do they have an acoustic album?
    Whats this about you been a Ghost hunter? Any look with that :D ?
    Hey whats the name of Metric's album(s), I want to "buy" it ;) ;)
    Hope your well and I'd rather be The Beatles
    YouTube - UFO sighting February 22, 2009 England UK caught on tape. Incredible footage.

    This is part one....what do you think ?
    im sorry you had a bad day amie, a walk is a good idea cause it is probably still daylight in canada.
    im here if you need to talk to (a complete headcase!) XX
    Yeah I've been seen on the Price is Right - It was crazy back in the day with Bob Barker - I waited 3 days in line to see Bob right before he retired. - in fact i was partially responsible for costing their first $1,000,000 win - and then I was banned! You can see the video here at 1:00: YouTube - Drew's MDS First 2 Million Wins

    Got anything fun planned for your trip to England?
    lots of love from me amie XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX :D
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