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  • Hey. I'm sorry to hear about your laptop and the hacking. That's horrible! I hope you've gotten things straightened out. I'm doing alright, I guess. Not much to report here. How have you been, sir?
    Hey. Well, it's kind of a long story. Is there any way you can get on the messenger, maybe? If not, that's fine.
    Oh, gosh. I'm sorry your dad said that to you. That's mean. :| But yes, at least you proved him wrong, lol. Sucks about your arm, though.

    When I was 9, I broke my left arm on a trampoline. And no, I wasn't jumping and doing all these crazy tricks and flips. I was sitting on the edge of it, trying to get down, and I slipped and fell off. My arm broke my fall. :p

    Eh..I'm pretty sure I've got cancer or something equally amazing.

    Yeah, we can switch weather. I'd really like that, haha. You can have this stupid, hot sun! Did you know that the sun is like, 28 million degrees in the core?
    Yes, I'm excited for the cold weather to get here. If I don't die before then from cancer or something. :)

    And those names sound great. They will definitely work.

    Do you think you could e-mail some of that rain over here?
    You're so lucky that it's raining over there. It rained here a little bit yesterday, but of course the clouds are gone and it's hot as tits. I hate summer! I'm waiting very impatiently for autumn to come.

    And I don't know what our practice should be called, haha. I'm not very creative. Do you have any ideas? :p
    Oh, I don't want you to go through any trouble. It's up to you. I don't mind waiting, though.
    hehehe....i do have it don't think i have used it yet emm i have msn though if you want to wait 2 mins i will set my yahoo messenger up ?
    I don't know, I could be infertile. In order to become pregnant, you have to ovulate. And if you don't have a menstrual cycle (sexy stuff to hear, I know), you don't ovulate. And therefore, there are no eggs to fertilize. So even if I am infertile, it could just be temporary. I really don't know. I'm kind of hoping that I am, haha.

    And yes, it sucks that male exams are so simple, and female exams are just shitty.

    So, do you have Yahoo messenger? Might be easier to talk there, heh.
    Haha, I bet that WAS embarrassing! I should probably go to the doctor to find out if I'm infertile or not, but of course, I'm too afraid.

    And yes, we should start our own practice. Hah.
    I get that a lot from medical professionals, too. Haha. They're surprised that I know so much. I guess they just expect everyone to be ignorant to that kind of stuff.

    I don't do much checking and stuff, no. Just on my body for tumors and whatnot. And I'll get into phases where I have to constantly check my temperature, make sure I'm not coughing up blood, and listen to my chest with my stethoscope.

    What kinds of things do you check? Just the things you listed, or are there others?
    Yeah, the mind is definitely powerful. And in some cases, that's not a good thing, haha.

    Glad to hear that your liver was fine, though. Always nice to hear, heh.

    I'm just tired of living in fear all the time. It gets really old.
    Pancakes are good, I'll admit. Haha.

    Heh, most women are hormonally crazed. However, I think I have a genuine issue with it. Not that I'm overly emotional or anything of that sort. I have an extremely irregular menstrual cycle (which I know you just LOVE hearing about!). I haven't had one in over a year. And before that, it was three years. And so on...

    So, I figure it's either a hormonal imbalance (and that would make sense considering my mental issues, it could be a thyroid problem or something). OR, it's cancer. :)

    Either way, I'm way too scared to go see a doctor about it.
    Yeah, that's horrible. I've only been to the ER once for this kind of stuff. Usually I'm too scared to go. I'm terrified of doctors because when I do see them, I'm always convinced they'll tell me some awful news that I just don't want to hear.

    I realize I'm young and I probably do have health on my side. But there's a chance that I don't, too. I've got all of these mental issues that I'm sure have an affect on my physical state. I'm pretty sure I have a hormonal imbalance. For many reasons that you probably don't want to hear, lol.

    Anyway, this is already long!

    Yeah, I kind of figured they didn't have American diners over there, haha.
    I'm going through a pretty bad hypochondriac episode. I have been for the past week. I think that's what's been mostly causing my anxiety and depression and shit.

    I get the same fears each time, like "what if it never goes away?", "what if I die?", "what if it gets worse?" All these what-ifs. Fun stuff.

    The desert sucks, really. Surprisingly, I've never seen a rattlesnake in real life, though. The heat is shit and it's just generally ugly here. I'd love to visit over there!
    I don't know if things will get better or not. If they do, I know it won't be anytime soon. Thanks for listening to me, though. I just wish this bull would disappear already.

    And yeah, I've lived in Arizona my whole life. Same house, too. Have you always lived there?
    Thanks, I appreciate you willing to listen.

    Just been having a lot of anxiety the past week or so. Well, I have it all the time...but it's progressively getting worse. And it's been constant lately. Not to mention my depression is playing a big role in this. It's actually a long, boring story.

    Oh, and it's 11:30AM here.
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