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  • :), I've been a bit better lately cos of summer holidays, time to relax and stuff. what about you? did you finish that book in the end??
    Hi sleepysparrow thanks for your message. Yes, I from the UK and live in rural Lincolnshire. you mentioned you are coming to the UK very soon, whereabouts are you visiting? hopefully hear from you soon. richard
    I'm feeling pretty good at the moment, as I usually am in the evenings. I'm still in manitoba, I'm leaving in 2 weeks. Amie, you're never on msn any more =( hope to talk to you soon
    hi amie, your msn never works it feels like im talking to a 'ghost' lol
    if your going creeping about at night in derelict buildings, please take someone with you!
    its unadvisable to go alone i think!!
    i will send you emails on msn :D XX
    To answer your question - no. I had a pretty rough childhood, moving from area to area, until my family settled down in an isolated/rural type area when I was around 10 years old. Then I was kicked out of home at 15/16, and before long I went to live with my uncle in a small town like what you described, it was the best time of my life. :) I live alone now, well... sharing an apartment with someone anyway, it has its ups and downs I suppose.

    I work in retail, an electronics store 50 hours a week, it's mostly all data entry and dealing with customers, which can be overbearing sometimes, but the pay's good.
    Thanks! You have good taste too. You're the first person I've come across who's also a fan of FF. :cool:
    thanks, and I would really like to see some of those new pics . I know what u mean , I myself never felt comfortable enough to post my picture in public here, afraid someone I know my recognize me or something, but I do send it to people I chat with in msn messenger.
    yeah, things are fine, just getting used to the new condition of things and not letting anything get me down. it's great that you're doing this trip, hope you enjoy your time there... if you don't mind me asking why did you delete all those great pics of you and your beautiful kids? they were really nice ...
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