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  • Where are you from anyways? What are you up to today? We're planning another move because my husband is going back to school. I've been thinking about going back to school myself lately but i'm just not sure if I can do it. I'm afraid of everyone being so much younger than me and already having their groups of friends and the stress of school being so busy and teachers and presentations - ugh!! I just really want to do something I love like art, music or photography and have a career and do something good for my children. I've been held back by my anxiety my whole life I just want to take a chance and try something now that i'm getting older.

    Anyways, hope you're having a good day. :)
    I am so sorry about the late response. My computer has a virus so I have barely been able to use it. :( How is your job search going? What kind of job are you looking for? I remember how frustrating it is looking for a job, interviews are just so tense and awkward for me. Good luck with everything and I hope you find something you like. Let me know if you do!
    How is the job search going? you must be so blooming stressed right now :(
    I'm sure your boyfriend will understand, i mean it's not like there's loads of jobs on offer at the moment with the recession and everything! he shouldn't get angry at you.
    Ooooooooh i saw the picture you did OMG! it's're so talented, i wish i could draw half as good as that, you shade so well and everything...i struggle to draw a stickman lol
    I'm not doing too bad, i have been pretty down recently...well really deeply depressed if i'm honest grrrrrrr but things seem to be getting on an even keel now, i don't feel any worse so that's always a bonus lol
    Have you got any plans for the weekend? I'm going to try and make myself go and see the ducks at the pond tomorrow, it's always quiet there so it's never that stressful, i'll just have to push myself to get out lol xx
    the video you linked to me; it said 'This video is not available in your country'. why??? whats the title of the Nick Drake song? so i can go find a working link.
    YouTube - Because I'm a girl - J-entercom - Kiss

    this one is more emotional...
    ew, a cold...thats not good! Hope you get better soon....I'm doing alright thanks! Bit worried about driving tests and having to look for new jobs, which are both rapidly approaching! ::(: ......but that's life init!? :rolleyes: tis a big scary adventure!
    (part 2...i'm as bad as you for writing too much lol)

    I know what you mean about interviews, i absolutely hate them with a passion, i become a gibbering bumbling fool i'm surprised i've actually been accepted for jobs before seeing as i'm that bad lol
    Anyway hope to hear from you soon...take care x
    awww *hugs* i hope you feel better soon, it sucks being ill :( i'm like you though, i neve go out yet i'm permanently catching something or other, my immune system has gone to pot lol I'm chuffed you went out and about, that's really coo...even if you needed booze to settle your nerves that's ok cos you can never have enough drink hehe and good on you for doing some drawing, that's a good thing, i know how hard it is to be interested in something when you're feeling down...i tend to lie in bed and wallow in self pity for a while lol you so have to post some of your drawings when you're done :)
    Hiya...sorry i haven't gotten back to you sooner, i suck at keeping up with conversations, i get all frazzled and convinced i'm talking nonsense, so i run away and avoid it...but i'm being brave and writing back to you lol (you must think i'm a nutter hehe) anyway how have you been? have you done anything exciting? me...i've been stuck in feeling sorry for myself...gawd i'm a cheery bunny today huh? lol
    Hi! Did you have your picnic yet? Hope it was really good if you did! The weather's been strangely great the last few weeks here so I hope it was the same for you :D I've been trying to study for my exams but I've been really depressed so concentrating is really hard, bla! I'm just trying not to get bogged down in it, my agoraphobia comes back when I get depressed too so I've been trying to get out...oh well! This will pass...I hope! :eek:
    Anyways, a few of my friends will hopefully be coming to my house on Friday so I'll cook them a big meal, maybe some chocolate cake ::p: So all will be well! Hope you're having a good week :)
    I am feeling better thankies, i get weird mood swings like that quite a bit, i just wish the happy times were longer really lol
    How did it go with the family? i haven't been on a picnic in years, i hope the weather stayed good for you so you were able to have it! The last one i went on was on Primrose Hill and we had champagne, strawberries and lots of other pretentious stuff lol it was soooooo much fun!
    Hello! That's great that you had a good night even if you got a bit nervous! And sometimes when you're out with friends the bad music doesn't matter too much, you can just have fun with it, lol. Two of my friends came over on Monday and we had a good night, just sat at home with wine and dvds, it's good to do something fun for once, I feel like my anxiety makes me serious a lot, but I'm a really smiley laughy person normally, so it was nice.
    Hope your week is going good :) I've been studying mostly, I've been really panicky going out this week for some reason, I think it's because I was pretty depressed the last few weeks so I didn't go out as much. I'm not depressed at the minute though which is great so I hope to get back to going out again now in the next few days!
    Talk to you soon! :D
    I totally love the idea of a village life, all that fresh air and animals in the fields, sounds like heaven, but the people would really get on my nerves, i can't be doing with people knowing or wanting to know my business lol
    Hey how was the film? is it any good? i really want to see it!
    I've been a bit down in the dumps the last couple of days, i'm getting some sort of evil bug like thing grrrrrrr i hope it goes away soon, i hate being ill, how have you been? done anything exciting?
    Hi! I hope you had a great night last night, that sounds like fun! How did it go? Good idea to have a few drinks beforehand, lol :D That's cool to meet up with your old work friends, I might do something like that...I worked in an opticians in town for about two years until last year, and we all got on really really well together, it was great fun. I go in occasionally to visit, maybe I'll ask everyone out for a drink...initiating some socialising, scary! ::p:
    I'm ok this weekend, I went to my boyfriend's house yesterday..I was really panicky in the car on the way there and back but I was grand there, hung out with his friends and stuff, so that was good! I think I have randomly gotten a bruised rib or something though, one of my ribs is reeeeally painful and it hurts to breathe in, which is always fun :eek: So I'm swallowing painkillers and chilling out for the day!
    Hope you had a good night last night anyways :)
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