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  • Yeah, that'd make me nervous too, worrying that people were always judging my work! And I'm sure they're not really, at least not much! I'm not too bad drinking coffee or tea, but I'm really bad with sugary things. If I have something sugary like a fizzy drink or chocolate I get really jittery and nervous! Ick.
    That's so nice about your brother! It's cool when you get older and you're actually friends with your brothers (or sisters, but I don't have any of those!) instead of always arguing with them like when you were kids! Is he younger or older than you? Mine are younger but not by too much, I'm 20 and they're 18 and 16, so we're pretty similar in age which is cool. Except when I see them doing things I haven't cos of my anxiety, but I'll get a chance ::p: Well that's the plan anyways!
    Dunno what I'll do for the weekend. Either sit at home in my own house or sit around at my boyfriend's house probably! Woot! :D That's enough entertainment for me really. Do you have any plans?
    Wow, a call centre! You're so brave :) Has it gotten any easier since? How long will you be there for? Or are you fully employed there now? I would find that so hard, good job :D
    Hopefully I'll be moving out with some friends, yeah. They're people I was friends with when I started college, but we all kind of lost contact and a few people moved away, and now some of them, I think two or three people, are moving back down here and starting back at uni so I might actually have friends next year, ha! So hopefully if there's four of us we could afford a nice big house, I'd prefer that to some apartment in the middle of town. I lived in one for a year and it made my anxiety skyrocket :rolleyes: But I wasn't getting any help at the time so I guess it could only get worse really.
    That's nice that your brother is shy too, you guys can kind of help each other out and stuff. I have 2 younger brothers, both smart and popular and...not shy! :rolleyes:
    Hope you're good! Have a great weekend!
    Yeah I agree with you. Thats why I like this place as well. Basically everyone knows what it's like and is understanding. Makes it much easier to talk to people.
    I wish everyone would treat it like alcohol actually. Everybody knows its so much less harmless... Marijuana prohibition is about to end, mark my words. :)
    I used to always dream of living in a small villiage, you know one of those really ye olde type places, i though i could fit in and get better with people who knew me around, but now the idea terrifies me, i'd seriously go mental with having every person i passed knowing me...if i go out i like to just go to where i'm going and get home as quickly as interferenes lol and omg that's weird even by London standards, people are so strange at times hehe
    I adore London, i think i'd go mad in a small town, i need places to be able to pop into when i get anxious and i like the anonymity of living in a big city, small places everyone seems to know each others business...that would do my head in!
    Ooooooh the castle sounds amazing, i've always wanted to have my own island in The Maldives, it's so beautiful there, just me, my bf, and lots of sun and sand...heaven *sighs*
    I'm alright. I had a little problem with a moderator this morning in the medical marijuana thread but I hope I smoothed that out. I got a little out of hand in my reply to a post he made in there... For some reason I always turn into a jacka$$ when I'm defending my opinion in that thread, lol. Neways, how are you doin?
    If i had my way i'd stop off at every Starbucks i pass for a frappachino...but there's one like every 4 shops so i'd be a big old whale by the time i got home lol
    I know what you mean about water, there's something so relaxing about it, i can sit for hours just watching the ducks and fish and stuff, i so need to win the lottery so i can buy a house by a stream hehe
    I would love to live in a house right by the sea, or a babbling brook, that would be like heaven to me, i love the water i guess that because i'm a Pisces lol
    Yeah London does tend to have a lot of good food places on every corner, you can have great food and a Starbucks for afters, mmmmm Strawberry Frappachino...i so need to get out so i can have one hehe
    Thanks for the compliment, and yeah that is a dog. It's one of those miniature types I believe. Although I haven't seen it since that picture was took so I could be wrong. ::p:
    Eh, being 21 isn't so bad. The optimist in me says it just makes me another year closer to the end of my hellish life with panic disorder. Yep, even my optimistic side is pessimistic. :p

    Hi! Yeah, I'm at uni, doing a science degree in pharmacology and anatomy, I'm in third year now and I'll just be doing pharm next year for final year, if I pass my exams, eek! I had to take a year off last year because of my anxiety, but I got back this year, so I'm happy, even though it's been hard :rolleyes: I can do it cos i find it so interesting, like you said, I don't think I would bother trying to go so much if I wasn't so interested!
    I hope you got work sorted! Yeah, that'd be so annoying not knowing if you were in or not. I'll have to look for a job this summer, cos I'd love to move out next September, I'm at home at the minute with my family. It's ok, but I'd much prefer to live with friends, as long as I've money and my anxiety isn't too bad! So that's my long term aim for September I guess.
    That's enough of me talking about myself, sorry ::eek::
    Hope work was ok if you had it! Better get myself off to bed, gotta drag myself up in the morning :rolleyes: What do you work at?
    I'm lucky here, there's a canal type thingy close by and during the day it's pretty quiet, so i can just sit there watching the ducks and fish and sometimes there's even a crane that pops by, it's nice to pretend i'm in the country for an hour or so hehe
    Do you come to London often? I love it here, i mean yeah the amount of people that live here can get on my nerves, but i honestly can't see me ever living anywhere else!
    Ok I are you? just getting ready to eat oatmeal & then begin my exercise for workouts now are about 2.5 hours total exercise time (which ends up taking between 3.5 - 4.0 hours to complete once I add resting in between stuff ) ..but its still 5 days a week....good luck on stepper...its a good exercise
    Living in London, every day is a day full of people everywhere grrrrr at them lol but i have a few places where i can go if i go out and it's quite quiet with just ducks and birds to keep me company! omg how mad do i sound? lol
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