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  • Yaa I think it can be bad if you stagnate on this website sometimes as I've done many a time :p
    Okay cool - I probably won't set one up for a day or two as I've got a lot of work to do and music to write but I will let you know when it's going. You'll have to help me as well - for some reason I can imagine it hard to use XD
    get spotify as soon as you can XD Its so good. It has like everything I love it! I have just started having to pay for it which is a bummer but considering it gives me so much joy I think its worth it.
    Yeah I'd like to give a go! Any platform in which music is shared is a good one. All music is meant to be shared. I'd like to share you some of my music as well if you want. I write but if showed you you'd have to keep it a secret from this forum if that's okay. I don't want people to find me here if you get me :p

    But yeah I'll set up a last fm account pretty soonish.

    and sorry for not replying in so long - I've needed some head space for a bit. It's been quite good :)
    I saw you're reply, thank you for that, it's nice to meet somebody the same age. Talk to me anytime, i'd like to get to know you. x
    Haha thanks :D My best friend always describes me as a little bunny who's just too fragile for the scary world out there, so I thought it represented me well lol.
    hah yeah he was a real nice guy. I was shocked at the time - I was prone to holding stereotypes and simply hated sports related activity back then so when I found he was actually an alright fella I was like oh wow hah.
    Ah thats good - still he shouldn't have teased you in the first place... especially as he is a teacher. I'm sure part of their job description is to be quite caring :p

    Ah it's okay. It's kinda like pandora! (I can't get that though :() I'm sure spotify is in America ;O Maybe you have to pay though. But I could probably hazard a guess that it is better than pandora. It's got like every song by every artist ever at the touch of a button. I probably spend 90 percent of my time listening to music on it. (I sound like I'm endorsing it! haha). But yeah I was gonna add you on it if you had it because you can share playlists and stuff and I like sharing music with people :)
    Aha see you can type that much! A whole page of writing there :p
    Gym teachers are pricks aren't they? Well.... obviously not all of them. I've met some cool ones who aren't that typical macho stereotype :p (One was an ex-boxer from south africa! He was so so nice as well... anyway I digress haha). I had this one PE teacher who was a real dick. He used to make me run laps around our school field because I wasn't any good at rugby :( He hated people who weren't good at sport... c'est moi. So I can relate!
    Oo I know it's random but have you got spotify? :)
    Wrestling is awesome XD If you met me you definitely wouldn't think I was the type of person to love it but I just do... I think its because I used to watch it with my brother when I was a kid and I find it kind of comforting in a way - It's just a bit of fun really. But no way would I actually wrestle like you had to :O That sounds scary. You're Gym class's sounded like torture! All we have to do usually is kick a ball around - not fight eachother ;O

    (my message was too long... thats a first!!!)
    I like to clean quite weirdly when I've got enough energy! It makes me feel like I've achieved something even though it is small because you can see exactly what you've done to change the environment you're in. Is that weird? XD And I just generally enjoy being in clean surrounding... although I think that is the same for most people :p

    Oo sounds good to me! Like a real community thing. I love that when people come together in support of something or just to have fun like a festival. It makes you believe everyone is working together and helps invoke community spirit. I like that :p

    My weekend should have been better! It was good yes but I have been pretty low on energy recently ;( I put off going out tonight because I felt like I had a "Block" with conversing with people. Conversation just wasn't working for me ;(
    Hey Phoenixx,
    I'm doing good thnx, I've had a good day. How are you doing?
    Yeah it's been a while since we talked, hope you are doing okies.
    I like your avatar btw, it's cute !

    Hey, talk to you later...
    Sorry for not getting back to you for a while! I've had a busy weekend and I've been feeling pretty low as well so it's been tough heh.

    Yeah I hate "blah" :p. It is horrible - not feeling anything is hell. In my experience it doesn't last too long though...

    Oo what job is it you do? I used to work in a supermarket but I had to quit ;O Study comes first I guess..

    Sounds like you had a good weekend! How was the festival? and what festival is it for?

    My weekend was okay. I had a party Friday night which I spent moping around feeling sorry for myself. But I found a friend who sat with me all night and made me feel comfortable so that was okay :) And Sunday night was wrestlemania with my mates and I had a load of fun and drank a bit too much heh. (Yes I know, I should have grown out of wrestling by now XD)
    Oo tell me about blah? I often feel like that. Is it kinda like completely zoned out? I would actually rather feel depressed than that...
    well I'm glad things are looking good for you! :D

    Oo what have you got planned?
    wow thats great :D How so?
    Me too a little bit! Been much more sociable but still had my off days, doh. And I have a good weekend lined up yay :)
    Wow! I assume you are American? Your educational system seems so diverse and fun! We only choice 3-4 subjects to study when we are 17-18 and then study one subject in a very detailed manner till we are 21 usually.
    I don't understand how you can do so much diverse stuff XD Mind you i've never understood the american educational system - especially those "grades" things you have to define how long you've been in the system. and I don't get lower, middle, upper school.
    But yeah sounds interesting :p You can never study enough science XD
    I also took English... but for a little while. I had to drop it because of my other subjects. I regret it now though because I do love English! (Just not what we had to study :( ) Really wish we studied Wilde or Poe instead of virginia woolf :p I would have stayed on the course then!
    And I wish I could take politics (economics and government is pretty much the same thing right?) ... sometimes I get caught up in all the politics and stuff on the news and want to be a politician! I even bought a big poster of Obama in my room XD

    I take Biology,Chemistry and Physics. I adore studying them all... well Physics much less than the other two - but they're great.
    What do you want to go on to study at university/work as? :)
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