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  • Hi there :greeting:

    Between me and you (and anyone else whose reading this) I think you have the most amazing username I have ever seen on here, which in itself makes you special. Although as I have accumulated so many friends on here, it's possible that I have said the exact same thing to one of my other friends on here :) But either way, I still appreciate having you as my friend :)
    You know... I seriously dont blame you ;) I hope that whatever you are doing though its helping you. It was always nice to see you on the forum when you were here
    Hey - Long time no see. I dont even know if you are on here any more. If you see this, I hope you are well x
    Part 3 - and FINAL - LOL

    It's also good to aim for maybe just 1 or 2 hours first, or one evening/afternoon... not everyone needs to stay the whole night/weekend.. whole weekend can be good too, depending on the people, what you have planned to do, what you can talk about.. (you do need food and/or some good plans then tho)

    Anyway, YAY!! :) Good luck with it all!! Report how it goes!! :)
    Part 2 - had to split it up LOL - Maybe some people also weren't sure if you were serious or something? (If it was just via FB, and kinda short notice or in a joking way/comment?) Some people might also be waiting for a hot date to ask them out, or might have had some tentative (or more certain) plans from before... So you'll find out soon I guess.. ('Bring your hot date too!' could maybe sway them to come? If they're not afraid you'd snatch the hot date then! :))

    You could also check if they have any other events/concerts/plans (and if those sound fun maybe all of you could go there? If they don't have hot dates or another group who might not mingle well - too stuck up or too horrible or such.. or a wedding to go to etc) Sometimes it's best to call and ask, if a situation is kinda complicated it can be 'not so easy to explain by e-mail' and easier to talk about..
    Hey Daydream! :) YAY for being brave!! 2-people parties can be FUN too! You could make some plans to go outside to a cafe or club or event or something like that if it got boring, sometimes just 2 ppl can have A LOT of fun too!! And maybe others would confirm too, or might need a little bit more nagging/invitation/'bribing' in terms of who else would be there or what you would do or have on the table (if you know their taste of music or food/drinks etc-?) Maybe you could write something like 'Hey, are you super-busy (saving the world/saving all knowledge of the world in your head/with a hot date/whatever you think they might be doing-depending on what they do/like doing, you might joke about it a bit, according to their taste, you know them best, maybe not too much.. If they're studying, you can suggest them to take a break)? There's __________ waiting for us to drink it/eat it!! Are you coming?? :) Or something like that (again, I don't know your friends lol)
    Happy Birthday!! :) May you meet many lovely pixies and dragons and other cool creatures of the world !!
    (If people comment on FB maybe you just need to answer something like 'hehe wanna join?' :))
    Hey slowmotiondaydream - Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!! :)

    Wishing you lots of wonderful moments and general awesomeness!!
    No rooms have been entered lately of yet. I am just trying to keep a low profile. Its a little easier. Dont you think things would be easier if there was a backspace button in real life?
    No its true. Really... Its a natural talent I have. Entire rooms have fallen silent when I enter them... :)
    No no i'm way more exotic lol I was born in Asia and lived in Sydney for 12 years before coming to the UK. I do have an accent, it alternates between Asian, Aussie and British haha.
    I lived in Coogee, and now i'm in Manchester. Just did a working holiday thing, had a friend over here to stay with. I went up to Cairns in Queensland and the Gold Coast and really enjoyed it there. I went down to Melbourne too for a few days on a solo trip. I regret not travelling more whilst in Aus but there's always more time for that later. :)
    Hello fellow sydneysider, I was from there too until about 4 years ago. Where abouts do you plan to do your travels? Soo many choices out there :)
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