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  • Yeah I know for a fact I'll be voting against him if Im still around when they day comes lol. Yeah he's pretty obviously racist and sexist too. Ive always wondered what the rest of the world thought about that guy. And yeah thats the thing that sucks about capitalism, yeah it gives people the freedom to succeed, but once they do, their family can just ride that success wave. While others will have to work harder. The college Im going to right now is poor and horribly equipped. I had the luxury of going to a really expensive one before and the quality of education was leagues better. By the way Im curious, what made you want to look for a forum like this if you dont mind me asking? Sorry if thats too personal.
    No 600 km is still pretty far lol. I dont usually drive long distances because of gas and my car being old. And no I dont really have any preconceived notions about Germans. I've heard you guys dont get sarcasm though xD

    No I dont think Trump would make a good leader. He's a businessman first and foremost and thinks he can run a country like he would a business. I think if he gets elected its going to created a social divide in our country and possibly ruin relations with other countries. All I know is it has me worried :/
    Oh its not too big of a deal, you didnt give me specifics. Plus I dont like Solas. I have a hard time understanding his personality and often times I make decisions that he disapproves of and Im like "What did I say wrong???" lol. Yeah I understand not having time, Ive not beaten an RPG since Dragon Age 2. And The Witcher 3 is ginormous.

    Oh wow if you've not seen the milky way you're in for a treat. Its so many stars that it looks like sand. Yeah when Im looking Im usually thinking about things or trying to find stuff. You know, I think sometimes that the reason we havent found other life yet is because we're in an area of low activity/technology. And those that do have the technology to travel far might not want to use the resources and energy just to visit us lol. Thanks the invite btw. Oh yeah and I like all the Mass Effect games, Elder Scrolls and Fallout to name a few. So were you born in Germany or did you move there?
    Wait I think you might be talking about something I dont know about lol. Ive not beaten Dragon Age Inquisition yet. I think I might be about half way through the main story. And yeah I love that series :) I especially like RPGs because of the stories. Oh yeah you should definitely try star gazing some time. Especially if you can find a dark enough place to see the Milky Way. Holy crap its beautiful. It makes me feel really peaceful when I can get away from things and look at all thats up there.
    To be honest, the thing I like about Astronomy mostly is star gazing. I used to sit outside with my little telescope when I was younger and try to see what I could find lol. Right now though theres not many places around here I can go where its not too bright because of the city. I would say I like RPGs like Dragon Age but I play a little of everything. You know something about that stuff?? Thats pretty cool that you can go dancing despite anxieties and whatnot. Thats one of the few things I really cant do for some reason >.<
    You know, I actually have Lord of the Rings. I've not read Hitchhikers Guide before but I saw the movie and thought it was hilarious lol. Is it a comedy? Im mostly interested in gaming and astronomy but right now Im studying Clinical Laboratory Science. Basically we're the people that get sent blood and other body fluid samples and run various tests to determine what might be wrong with the patient. Our test results are what the actual Doctor gets and helps him make an official diagnosis. I cant wait to be done with this mess though. Im ready to get my real life started. So you're in school too?
    Hey! Haha well I cant say that my reading list is "good" so I doubt you'll like it. I tend to read things that have a snarky sense of humor like Sandman Slim and the Harry Dresden Books. Here's my goodreads profile. What about you? Ive read the first Game of Thrones but got stuck on the second one thanks to school lol.
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