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  • Ahaha that Junkrat wheel is the bane of my existence. I remember one time coming around a corner and walked right into it. I was ticked lol.
    So who do you like using on Overwatch? Im kinda new to it so Im still feeling out the characters. So far Ive mostly been using Reaper/Tracer because I like the whole hit and run thing. I tried Hanzo but my aim sucks.
    Hi.I think I have seen most of the movies that Pixar and Dreamworks have released.Im a big fan of those two studies due to the quality of their work over the years but I have watched plenty of animated films not done by Pixar or Dreamworks.

    Some of the animated films I enjoyed are,Arriety Wallie,the Toy story films,Shrek films,Cars,The Croods,A monster in Paris,Bolt,Bugs life.

    What are some of your favourite animated films.
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