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  • To be honest I did not know about the new Fantastic 4.I had a look online and Im happy that there is another movie.I have mixed feelings when big changes are made from the comic books for the movies,but I try to keep an open mind.

    The other two movies I quite enjoyed and Im not sure why the second movie did not do better at the box office.Maybe if the movies had been released more recently they might have been big hits.Superhero movies do well today in the box office.

    Who are your favourite Avengers comic book characters and did you think Thor in his own movies did him justice.
    Sorry about my slow response.Im a fan of the superhero films too,apart from the more intense violent ones.I really enjoyed the Spiderman films,Superman films,Thor,Fantastic 4 films and the Avengers.Do you have favourite Avenger characters and other superhero characters.Im a big fan of Superman,Fantastic 4 and the Avengers.

    As it happens I read comics sometimes and I have collection of Marvel and DC comics at home.
    Correct me if I am wrong but isn't sif an optional boss??? Starting again may be easier in some cases but you can always just grind out souls. Have you tried summoning help? I don't know how active the online scene is anymore but there might be a NPC to summon. Depending on your soul level I might even be able to get on and help you!
    Hi.I have not heard of the books you mentioned.Im reading a Terry Pratchett book at the moment.Are you a fan of superhero movies and tv shows
    If I am playing for fun I usually start as deprived. I like the whole rags to riches thing and you get a completely blank slate to work with. That said I normally end up with high dex and wearing the lightest armour because rolling is god in these games! If I am playing to mop up trophies I will play as a spell caster, they really make the game a lot easier. As for pvp, I suck so i don't really have a class for that :p

    You mentioned you hadn't beaten them yet, how far did you get?
    Hi.There is alot of reality based tv shows on tv in Britain.Dance shows,singing shows etc.I dont watch them but appartently millions do.There are still some good nature shows,comedys,movies on tv that I enjoy watching.But its a struggle at times to find programmes on tv that I want to watch at times.How about you.

    It sounds like we both enjoy reading.Reading is something I real enjoy.Which authors do you like.
    Hi.Noise and light pollution can be irritating in cities like London.So many offices,shops lit up at night like a christmas tree.Street lights on all night.Expensive too.Do you read books watch tv shows about the stars,planets or not.
    Okay.I find the sky during the day and night beautiful and quite calming.The size of it,the colours etc.The moon is beautiful too escpically when it is full like it was a few days ago.
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