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  • Same here, I think they need to ditch Snyder, though. Watchmen was pretty good, but he's had a crappy run since then. DC needs to fork over some cash and get a legendary director, or at least steal one away from Marvel Studios.
    Yep, it was at 33% with critics the last time I checked; but the audiences are coming in at 82%, so that's what really matters. I think the fans are more likely to take the film in context, if that makes sense.
    I had a Windows phone before and I hated it. Doing puzzles and quizzes and trivia doesn't help my situation. I can try and try. Trivia is only something that can work so little and not often. If I want to feel better about myself I need to explain things better. Other than that having a social like won't go far for me.
    I have thought about going back to doing puzzles. I still have a collection of Penny Press and Dell books and sodoku puzzles but I don't use them anymore really. I've just been reading. I do hope puzzles and reading (again, good books too) will help me.

    Oh yeah and newegg is good...

    It's been a while since I've upgraded anything, but that looks like it'd be a good start. A nice place to buy parts is They usually have a bunch of deals.

    If you have any other questions I can definitely try and help you out.
    That sucks..... One of the reasons I try to avoid with to heavy a focus on online play.

    Did you watch much of E3? Anything catch your interest?
    How are you finding ESO? Dark souls 3 on ps4 I guess.....I might have to get one soon! Any chance you can play ESO without playstation+?......
    Wow that does sound fun! How did you take it for granted?

    It does sound like a cool game, maybe one day I will have enough time to play it! I am thinking of getting decent PC to play ESO so maybe I will be able to play the first two....
    Wow you were in the military?! What were you doing?

    The only thing I knew about them really was that you had lots of sex :p but they sound interesting, aren't they based on a novel?
    Yeah I was in the military and had my own place, but got out and went to school. Man that sounds like it might be fun >.< I dunno though.

    Oh yeah it is mostly PC with the second one being on 360. Thats a shame, they need to port all of them over as people need to play all of them. Theyre not as hard as the Souls games but they're certainly not easy. You often have to plan in advance how youre going to tackle certain monsters as they hit hard and move fast. And drinking potions raise your blood toxicity so you have to moderate how many you put down or you'll start to see negative effects like the screen blurring.
    Great crested newt specifically, it's illegal to kill or injure them in the uk and someone wanted to build some houses in this field. We spent a month trapping them and moving them, but then we had to dig the place up so we can be sure we got them all. It's looks like we did since all I found was 5 toads in 18 hours :p

    I guess I kinda have an armchair interest in the medical side.....well I really like house and scrubs :p

    I just moved out myself, I have a quarter of a bungalow! :D it's great not having to share with my family anymore, I finally have room for all my games! Have you lived alone before? The witcher series has always been on my radar, but I have never been much of a PC gamer and it's a PC series is it not? (I am aware the latest one is on current gen consoles, but i don't have those yet :( )
    I used to be on a uk only social anxiety site, I forget this one is world too! Right now it is raining ...... And I have to stand outside all day digging in a muddy field for newts :( it's actually been relatively nice up to now though, don't believe that England is ranging all the time! :p so you are more interested in the medical side of biology?
    Hi.I wondered if the Flash would be in the new Justice league movie but from what I have seen online Im not sure.Appartently Superman,Wonder woman,Aquaman,Batman are in it though.I guess since there are a number of members of the league,its hard to include them all.

    Its interesting how the DC characters are being used quite alot in live action tv shows today and in the past,whereas Marvel alot less so.Shows like Arrow,the Flash,Superman the Early Years,Wonder woman,Batman and Robin.

    Marvel seems more interested in movies and animated series.What are your favourite Superhero tv series ever from all the ones that have been on tv.

    To answer your question I think a Thunderbolts movie,an Inhumans movie could be interesting.A Young Justice movie could be very good too.
    I have never heard of NAACLS.......I am guessing you aren't from the uk? Where abouts do you live? I really want to move out of the place I live, I have been here my whole life so I am kinda bored not to mention all the people here I would rather not run into
    I hope it is the last, it ruins the story when things go on forever... I'm surprised warner bros hasn't made another one like origins to fill the gap. I have a undergrad in biology too! I'm an ecological consultant at the moment, lots of field work but Mosquitos and altitude aren't really a problem where I am :p jobs are hard to find though, I had to move over 100 miles for a job last year! So are you going to do a masters degree?
    Oh, what are you thinking of studying? I did the same with the ps3, I didn't get mine till 2010 and final fantasy 13 was out. Yeah batman being delayed definitely put me off, if they need the time though I say let them make it even better!
    I never sell my old consoles, I just set up my N64 and started playing banjo kazooie :p i am a little tempted to get a ps4, just not enough games to be worth it for me yet, I will probably wait for kingdom hearts 3 before I take the plunge! I never owned a sega, I was a nintendo kid :p how'd your invading go?
    Aw damn, no one seems to have a ps3 :( looks like you are on your own then :p by sequel do you mean bloodborne or dark souls 2? If you have dark souls 2 on ps4 you most have the scholars of lost sin edition! :0 I have completed (and platinum'd :D ) dark souls 2 but I haven't downloaded SLS yet. You should try invading someone sometimes they panic and just jump off the edge, at which point you bow mockingly :p
    I am probably a bit high for you, as a general rule you can summon people 15 levels higher than you. But I will pop it in soon to check since I am not sure what level I am! What else are you playing right now?
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