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  • I find that you can put up with a lot of crap from yourself if you don't take yourself too seriously.
    Thanks, and I'm glad someone appreciates it. It feels so much better than just being understood. :D
    ha, i think it's kind of funny that you thought you were "boring" me. Totally not true! I actually get so so self conscious when I'm chatting with people, and I get scared that I'm boring them all the time. So of course I was thinking the same thing while I was writing to you ::eek:: My stupid internet just goes out from time to time. It sucks especially when I have a project due the next day and it decides to turn off at the most inconvenient time...just when I need to look up more research. I've got at&t service, and I've called them out to my house sooo many times but nobody can seem to fix the "problem." oh well...at least I get a bit of a discount on my bill haha :rolleyes:
    Hi there :) I got randomly logged off the other night. It was nice to talk to you though. I hope everything works out
    Hey secretly awesome, thanks for the advice about classical music. I'm really starting to get into it and listen to it a lot more, even started a CD collection for it, although I only have 2 and 2 more on the way. Also really enjoying new heavy metal bands,
    How should I know you then lol? It says you've only made 22 posts on this site (last I check), so you obviously haven't been here long.
    Lol well, I'm sorry that I don't ::eek::. I don't think of seen you much on this site, unless I know you from another & you have a different user name.
    Hey that's super great!! I also went at the mall this weekend ::p: good weekend for us!
    I'd love to be pen-palls! You mean writing E-mail or real letters? ::p:
    Sounds fun! :D
    Well see ya!

    xxx Saskia

    Happy Sunday!
    Yeah I have some doom bands in iTunes. Ahab, DOOM:VS, Evoken, Funeral, and Skepticism. I haven't been into doom for that long though so I don't realy know what is all out there.

    How are you doing?
    I thought let's say Hi,
    I can relate to the posts you wrote :)
    I also been isolated for a long time, and I am very shy.
    I sent you a friend-request , maybe we can have a good talk

    xxxx Saskia
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