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  • Uh...i have no idea, i have "little big planet" and "metal gear"...but i don't know how good those would be online, i think they go online.
    Hey, what have you got?
    I played my wii games online a couple times...but man,that had terrible lag.
    Oh, wait a second, Heh i'm such an idiot, i forgot that i do. I just rarely ever use it.

    What did you have in mind?
    Oh my god, today i was thinking about asking you your name...but i was afraid it would sound weird. Haha, thank god you had the same idea.
    My name is Tiffany.
    And no...sadly i don't have it connected, but if i did i would defiantly.
    I don't want you to think im psychotic, But i seriously cant believe your single, your freakin awesome.
    Isn't army of darkness the one with Bruce Campbell?

    I keep hearing about how long your hair is, now i don't want this to sound weird...but i still haven't seen you.
    Haha you should. In Necedah my ears bleed all day because all they play on the radio is and oldies, no offense to my fellow Necedians...but we need to get it together.
    But really that sounds like an interesting job, god...i wish i could work alone.

    Oh, hey, do you like horror movies or games? I love the silent hills, resident evils, you know stuff like that. Or are you a blood and gore hater?
    It is pretty frustrating sometimes, i don't want to sound bitter but...the people there are kind of too friendly, everyone wants to talk. And you not really a BIG
    talker. I usually just laugh and agree.

    Hey, what kind of job do you have that you can post from your cellphone? Let me guess...your in politics, i can see it;a Death Metal man in politics.
    I'm just joking though,please don't be offended.
    Four albums huh? Thats pretty good, the most ive made it to is two of any.

    And yeah, ive had to work more hours at my crazy job, its probably not relevant information but i work at a place that helps mentally disabled people find jobs.
    There are a few that actually talk to themselves and i always think there talking to me, Ive actually had to tell this one guy my name like eight times because he keeps forgetting he knows me.
    Hey i noticed that you like inflames, Ive been listening to them for years.
    They've got some good ones. I love me some cloud connected and the quiet place.
    i hope you don't find it creepy that i was looking over your conversation with Maya23.
    Yeah i heard the same thing. Thats why im going to wait until its cheap to buy it.
    I didnt get 12 until it was twenty dollars. thats how cheap i am...though i guess thats not something to really be proud of.
    Id buy it full price if i reeeeally,really had to have it.
    Mine too, although im a 7,8 and 9 fan. Most everyone who likes final fantasy is probably a fan of 7 though, its getting pretty overdone. But hell if they ever do a remake or a sucker i would buy it.
    Hey, did you get final fantasy 13, or try it?
    I guess you dont live near any forested areas then huh? Here we have tons, and once you get one on you you feel buggy all day. i swear.
    Im not surprised, Necedah is so tiny. To the rest of Wisconsin its probably like the scum of the earth...hoohoo i kid. But seriously its pretty nice here. a LOT of wood ticks though.
    By the way, I saw a picture of you and the long hair looks really good on you :) I have to are a very good looking guy!
    thanks for the compliment! it helps :) So what are some of your favorite metal bands? I'm looking for some new stuff to play along to on the drums. I like death metal drumming, it is SWEET!
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