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  • That's really good to hear! :)
    Yeah im okay, thank you.
    Oh, great that you are working on it, one day we will be out there! :>
    Oh nice, its a great mat. I cut it because it took up so much space, and i don't play as much FPS as i used to.
    If i did i'd definitely prefer to work for somebody as on your own there's just so much pressure but it would mean you could do what you want. When i was looking for work last year i was looking for the digital processing/editing parts as it's still relevant and there's likely to be work there...nothing really came of it though, wasn't anything close enough. Plus they probs woulda just been like naaaa mate!

    It's cool as a hobby but definitely wouldn't say no to a good job.

    How about you?
    Haha you're not the first to say that :) tried to make it infrequent enough for people to doubt it. Although might be time for an update soon.

    Good, chocolate in different forms is a must for any trip.
    That is a problem. I'll take a look in my extensive list of contacts.
    I'm glad you like it! I like yours too :>
    I found it on a blog. Don't remember which. No I don't know the movie but I like pretty much all Japanese movies so I'll look into it :)

    Yes I love space! That sounds wonderful. A dream come true. Have you made a packing list? :>
    in israel :>
    yes i do, i would be absolutely overjoyed if i had an lens adapter, since it's the only thing that can help me improve the quality with this camera. but it's too complicated to get it here, and i'm a very lazy person when it comes to complicated :9
    ow, i envy you have that camera ;) it must be very enjoyable. you should definitely post more pictures!
    ow wow thank you :)
    i wish i had some better lenses or at least an slr ;_; and wow, 500mm looks like a very expensive business, i'm even afraid to dream about ones lol
    sorry you didn't had the chance to see it, it was really lovely one :>
    i saw the solar one too, but where i live it wasn't a good view :p
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