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  • Ah It's yourself! I haven't seen you on the forum in a while :) where have you been? How are you? :)
    Thank you, that really made my day. I've thought the same about your posts from the moment you joined. You always manage to be poignant and thought-provoking with just a handful of words. Long-winded people like myself could learn a thing or two from you. :D
    hey Micekry! I enjoy your posts and hope you'll manage to work something out!
    alcohol can be a problem for many people, some of my relatives have had lives destroyed because of it - and some have now been sober - it can be done!! so, cheering you on!!
    Maybe there are groups like AA or Al Anon you could join? Or other things you could do to cope with things and occupy the mind? (crochet? :) distract people with other things so there's not so much attention on some other things?) *figers crossed* you manage to find a way!!
    It's just somewhat made up on the spot; I'm pretty lame at making up usernames, lol. I know about "Shan't" being "shall not", but it was pretty much a made up word. For the most part I'd used the name on another website, so I figured, why not use it here as well.
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