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  • Yeah! Neil Young is the man :p
    That's great! I love photography too, i'm trying to sell some of mine in the local art gallery, I doubt i'll get anything for them but it's worth a shot.
    I'm ok now, but i've been up and down lately, i'm starting some meds next week though so hopefully my mood will improve.
    You take care and keep in touch :) x
    Good to here the party went well :D.its often the anticipation thats the worst part. I'm doing alright thx being studying like hell this week.my exams will start nxt week can't wait to get it over with. hav a good week
    Hey, I'm glad you had an awesome birthday. Thats normally the case with SA how you blow everything outta proportion. The hard parts going through with it so you did good :)
    My weekends been pretty shite but I'm alright. Nothing I haven't delt with before.
    I'm Mark by the way :)
    Hi, I'm not to bad at the moment still its being a long summer at home and feelin isolated, to be honest i am kinda looking forward to college again yeah found out the dates just a couple of days ago, exams start on the 5th aug. i have one on the 5th and two on the sixth then there is a space between the nxt. there was a bit of a mistake though maths was left out of my timetable so i will have to sort that out.

    so hows things with you? weather is sickening isn't it.. good that your getting out, keep it up its worth it. theres alot going on in Galway with the arts fest so many tourists, was in there earlier this week.

    Hope you are well and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! today right?
    Hey. Complete coincidence but hope your having a good one :)
    YouTube - Happy Birthday - The Beatles
    were now freinds lol i see your from ireland , hmmm lovely place only thing bad about ireland if it not raining , it looks like its going to rain lol
    Hey im good struggling along. how are you? No not on any medication now and havent taken anything since then. how long have you been going to the therapist? i am still waiting to book an appointment with a therapist that i have found out about.
    Ya i suppose ur right, i should tell them and they would be supportive i think. Ya i've been on prozac for the depression. Dont freak out tho just cos britney was on it doesnt mean its a crazy persdons drug!! haha
    Thats wat i thought first but now i really see the benefits. So ive been on that for 7 months. And i've been seeing a therepist for about the same time aswell. Which should help me over time. thanks for the support!! its really nice to have someone positive to speak to about this. Hope all is well
    Thanks for info about jigsaw, I'm going to check the website out shortly. Sounds that a great place to know about. I just turned 24 this may. I read somewhere that your having a massive party for your 21. Hope you have a blast.
    I dont really appreciate the "haha" so if you need any help jumping outta the plane I'd be more than happy to shove ya :D
    Have you ever been to any SA meeting or know of any? I'd loved to start meeting like minded folk.
    Thats awesome. I'll start looking into it and send you a message with any details if your up for it. I thought that it might be a good idea to do a SA/depression fund raiser. The general public seem to think SA is abit of a joke so they might think I'm taking the piss if I try and just raise money for that.
    I really just have SA. The fear of been judged and rejected. I take Xanex every now and then when I need it, it seems to help. My doctor recommended I try lexipro but I've heard some bad things so I haven't yet. I used to smoke weed almost everyday thinking it helped but I haven't for a few months and I'm getting better. I've just been trying to get out there and do things without letting the anxiety hold me back.
    I've having a great weekend thanks :), minus the Irish weather. For feck sake all it does is rain :mad:
    Hi, i'm doin ok thx. how are you? last year i had to do maths, physics, mathematical physics, astronomy, comp science and we had to do a semester of earth and ocean science. Its going to be physics and astronomy and comp science that i will be doin next, no maths which is great
    Hi lovey :)
    Aw, thanks, you're so nice! I send you my love right back!
    I'm feeling a little better today, yesterday was just one of those days. I just started talking it out with my therapist, we haven't begun any treatment or discussion of meds - i'm not on anything now. Maybe when I get on them i'll feel better, I hope so. It's such a burden feeling down when i've got beautiful kids to raise.
    Good luck with school Kayelle, I wish you the best. *hug* :)
    Ya its just so bad, like i hate going outside and im avoiding my friends even tho they havent done anything wrong. I'm also so let down cos i've done nothing for my summer. I just think that thats a very severe case, because im so young like. what about you?
    Apart from a few down days now and then I'm generally pretty upbeat. I'm living in the country but I used to live in a city. I'm completely confused as too were I belong. I love the country but man its dull most of the time. I was in Galway a few weeks back. I love the culture and how buskers are everywhere.
    I had an idea of doing a sponsered sky dive for SA/depression. Still only a idea at the minute but i'd love to get more people involved.
    i can see where you are coming from. I started off with panic attacks didnt know what was happening to me wouldnt leave the house and eventually ended up with social anxiety, still dont leave the house but looking around for the best therapy. i used to take lexapro but stoped taking it beacuse i thought it wasnt doing anything for me. how did the therapy help you?
    Yeah a few of my cousins go to collage in galway they love it up there the last time i was up in galway was when i was at the galway races about 2 years.yeah have social anxiety id say for about two years now destroyed my life.how about yorself?
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