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  • hi jayo. thanks for your friend request I have added you to my friends list. how are you today, surely better than me?
    woohoo! It rocks to be added by random people. must have been my drop dead sexy avatar.
    Thanks for the advice Jayo. I understand what you're saying and I'm open to the idea of dating. I just find it hard, as a 22 year old with no dating experience, to suddenly start asking girls out. I wouldn't even know where to start.

    Not too long ago I defeated social anxiety and I just came out of a depression. My confidence is increasing in general, yet when it comes to women I still feel like an unattractive geek, though my guy friends tell me I'm the exact opposite. I guess there's still a huge gap between how people perceive me and how I perceive myself.

    It's probably true what Redski in that thread said: it's my passivity that stands between me and a loving relationship. At this point however, I'm too afraid of rejection and what consequences it will have for my general level of confidence.
    Hey i seen a txt u wrote sayin u did cbt.i have an appoitment to see a cbt therapist.does it realy help and can it change things.
    sorry for the late reply saw ur message ages ago but forgot to reply to it and i haven't logged in in a while. I been fairly bad with the SP since i was 12 and im 19 now. o u from salthill nice area, i stay in galway i go to nuig
    I'm from Salthill - my house is in Athenry.
    I've been on and off this site for a long time now.
    I'm in my mid 30s and still suffering from all of this stuff.
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