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  • Strange, because I definitely sent you the emails but haven't had any notification that they bounced. Something weird is going on. Hope you are well. Speak soon.
    I have checked my email address in one of the previous emails i sent you in early December & it is correct, I have not recieved any emails from you, only msgs that i get from you on here which i reply to within a day or 2 via this website as i have always done before, I thought you mentioned that you were not recieveing my msgs on here but you must have received my previous emails that had my email address in for you to actually send me an email, maybe you are sending the emails but they are not getting through im unsure, all i know is when u send me msgs on this website i reply within a day or 2 but i have received no emails to my actual email address outside of this website
    Hi Matt, I am referring to the messages I sent to you email address, not messages on this forum. I hope we can sort this out soon :)
    Hi Rich i have responded to every email sent, I responded on the very same day on BOTH messages you sent, They are both in my sent box as delivered to colbalt bluester, I don't understand why you are suddenly not recieving them, you sent me a email on 2nd Dec which i responded to on the same day 2nd Dec, Then you sent me an email on 7th Jan which i also responded on the same day 7th Jan, maybe there is a problem with the servers or something on here but i am definatley responding to the emails
    You're very welcome! I enjoy speaking with others - it helps :)
    Hope you are having a good evening/day - depending on where you are
    The atos assessment i felt went ok, i took along my prescribed medication, a supporting letter from a group pshycology course & i went indepth about my struggles with SA & OCD & depression, also my GP has it all documented in my medical history, the atos rep did seem very understanding & she seemed very supportive, she said all of the evidence ive put foward & my comments she says i should not have anything to worry about regarding ESA but as we know i might not pass but i am hopeful, i studied the ABC of ESA so i feel i answered all of the questions correctly, i am also wanting to get onto the ESA support group so i can buy myself some time to get myself together, i do want to work at some point but i just want to focus on the gym & getting in shape & eating healthy foods etc.. the ESA money is just enough to live on but you cant do anything stuck in that rut of no money so eventually i do want to get into work but i dont want to get forced into work by ATOS when i dont feel ready!
    Hey dude thanks for the friendship addy, i have been struggling a bit recently, 2day ive had the dreaded atos ESA assesment so ive been stressing about that, hopefully that all goes ok but only time will tell!, as for the eye contact thats always a struggle as eye contact is supposed to be natural just like walking, but if you pre think about eye contact it shows in the eyes, if you are talking to someone & making eye contact whilst thinking to yourself "act normal" the eyes will show signs of discomfort & it will show! its a difficult one, as i say i wear some black clear lens non prescription glasses to try & sheild my eyes when i having a bad day! hope you are doing ok dude its always good to hear from like minded folks
    hi amy. sorry it's been a while not been on here much at all lately. Every day is a constant battle for me , it doesn't matter how hard I try. How are you?
    no I don't support Man U but they are the best team in this country of recent years there's no denying that. The England game was a complete let down for me, so I'm now hoping Andy Murray win Wimbledon I think he stands an excellent chance this year, as he's beaten Rafa on two ocassions now. I will keep my fingers crossed he wins. Pity about Roger Federer though, I didn't feel that he played his best tennis.
    hey i'm doing ok. i hope you don't support man u, coz i can't stand them. :)
    but yeah your guys seem to lack more confidence when they put on the England shirt. It's suppose to be the opposite. i think they probably enjoy playing more for their clubs!!!
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