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  • i'm still surviving too...i feel like i'm doing better but not to the point where i feel comfortable talkin to ppl in public...hows ur progress going? i am happy to be back...for now
    yea i took a break from here for a while....just got tired of coming and not changing anything or talkin to ppl....i'm gonna try to be more active on here now though its better to talk on here than to talk in the real world....especially since i have no friends in the u been up to lately?
    You know, it's funny that we were discussing facebook. I just got an invite from an old middle school classmate. I never really spoke to him and he never spoke to me. I didn't add him because we were never friends. I checked his three hundred some friends and two of them happen to be people I didn't like in high school because they were *******s. I'm pretty sure a lot of them didn't like me. Even the ones that I didn't really know. Also, this guy has my ex on his list. The guy was an ass**** and so were his friends and his brother. Reminds me why I didn't want facebook to begin with. I'm reminded that I just don't want to be found by anyone except for my close friends. And when I think about it, I don't even want family contacting me. I'm feeling anti-social today. lol Well, except on here. I feel right at home on SPW.
    I think facebook can be a good way to keep in touch with relatives, friends and acquaintances. You can post your thoughts and anything else you want as well as post links to videos you like or find interesting. As I told you, I don't have more than fourty some friends on my page. All of my other friends have over two hundred and some have even more. I don't think I want to know that many people.
    My posts are everywhere. lol Yeah, there's over a thousand some posts of mine. lol We've interacted on the forum before. I hate when people I don't know send me friend requests on Facebook. It's always some guy who has two hundred friends on his list and all these friends happen to be a collection of good looking girls. Yeah, I don't collect friends on facebook. I'm happy that my friend list is small because I can't keep track of everyone. My other friends have over two hundred people on their lists. That is two hundred some people that know their business. lol
    We're all in the same boat here. Now, I wouldn't accept most friend requests on Facebook, but it's different here. If you sent me the invite then you had a reason to do so. :) Hell, even if you had just wanted to add me as a friend, that would have been reason enough. :D
    So you only became my friend to post on my wall? :( I feel used and manipulated. Seriously, though.... I didn't think that was stupid at all. I would have written something similar myself so I hope you still don't think it's stupid, cuz if you do then you're saying that I make stupid jokes. :D
    Dude, we were't friends already? I swear to God that some of my contacts get erased. I've had this happen a couple of times. Either that or I'm loony. Thanks for the friend invite!
    Damn! You shouldn't have delted that post about everyone cheating on their online partners with you! I was looking for it and I was like "where the hell did it go?" I was going to respond to it, but now you've ruined it for me. lol Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that they're all cheating on you with me. Sorry, someone had to tell you.
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