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  • Good good :)
    I play most acoustic folky stuff at the moment, just got an acoustic and learned to finger pick recently, been playing electric for years though...
    Do you play any instruments?
    Surprisingly pretty good, for the first time I think I'm starting to figure out life, its such a twisted riddle. :) I really like ur sketches, they are really detailed and lifelike. I used to sketch myself, but haven't done so in a while.
    Awww thats kinda cute (although i know it probably sucked for you). Man we started riding bikes at a really young age. I remember the first time i actually took off on a big bike...it was glorious. With my OCD the way it has been for the last year i am almost to nervous to even drive a car anymore. It used to be my favoritest thing to do. LOL @ favoritist.
    Nice. I either thought maybe it was your name or you liked to ride Harley's (which i could not picture)..no offense lol.
    Um um ummmmm... will the rest of the forum and I ever have the pleasure of beholding your finished Jane Lane drawing? I'm really quite curious!
    Hey Harleyq! How's life?:) How did having to wait on 25 people at that party for work go?
    Hi Harleyq! Thank you very much for accepting my friendship request! I like reading your posts, you seem to possess a lot of common sense. I always find a lot of your posts for other helpful myself.
    Is Eraserhead really ****ed up? people say its mind blowing.I dig David Lynch a lot but I have yet to see it! Some of my favorites are Punch Drunk Love, Control, In The Mood For Love, Before Sunset, Boogie Nights, Throne Of Blood, Chungking Express, The Virgin Suicides, etc.
    Waitressing sounds quite interesting, and u must be reallly tired after that. and i play stuff like unreal tournament 2003, counterstrike, flight simulator and some others. what ones do you have?
    Ahhh I'm doing ok, thanks. Whats some of your favorite movies? I seen that you were in to the good stuff lol.
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