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  • holy s*** what did I miss. All I know is this guy talked to me about suicide a month ago. Is he all right????
    ahh.... he reminds me of him..? hehe no problem with that... we can be friends also... nice to meet you dark...
    Jin is a common name nowadays....btw... is it a friend of yours...?
    Hey, I understand completely about the relationships. I happened to watch one of your video blogs and must say that it's very brave of you to do that, I subscribed to your channel and just thought I'd say I really enjoyed them. Keep going because you really do help a lot of people with your thoughts. As for not being able to talk to your own ethnicity, I know how that feels, except for my problem is I'm Mexican. All in all, thanks again for your videos.
    it's tough. Not the EE stuff per se. But rather the calculus, comp sci and chem stuff (schrodinger's equation is such an irritating mindfuk) that we use.
    hey how've you been?
    How long is my lunch hour between classes? what a random question lol. it depends on the day of the week. On most days I don't have classes in the afternoon. Other times it's straight classes from 8:30 to 1:30.
    I've remember you saying that you're going to school for a medical career, right? So...how are you doing at the Uni right now? is it difficult?
    I love your videos. I just finished watching the 3rd one. University must be tough times, I finished my undergraduate last year but school anxiety, late night study cram sessions and presentations are still quite vivid in my mind :p How many more years?
    can't keep my damn mouth shushed (not interweb wise anyway)
    good videos and you seem really nice (that was maybe a bit cooler)
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