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  • It was :p i watch this first season again a couple of years ago, i'd forgetten how good it was XD and love fan-made abridged serieseses of it. Haha sounds like a plan to me :) i sure hope we all turn 23 on the same day though or there could be a problem :p aw really? I hope you feel better soon, plenty of rest and fluids and vitamin C! :)
    And the theme music, gotta love Dani California :) i've seen a few One Piece amvs, they're always really funny :p hehe yea the old pokemon episodes are definitely the best! I never played the card game, i didn't have the money to buy them but i remember someone gave me one of their duplicates once and i was so happy :L
    Teehee :p we shall start a being 22 army!
    It was :p i thought they did Ryuk amazingly well! Wow there must be a huuuge number of episodes then :p like pokemon, which is also awesome XD *being 22 high-five* oooh that sounds really interesting :) i have soo many anime i need to try, i always find it takes a few episodes to get in to one though and my attention span doesn't always stick around that long XD
    I was :D i love the live action movies best. One piece is good :) though i haven't really seen a lot of it. What is Code Geass about?
    Really? You're so lucky that it doesn't snow much over there XD hmm, tips... well, you can always wear an eyepatch any time you like, it doesn't necessarily mean you have to go and deliberately injure your eye in order to do so :) you're welcome XD hmmm, Deathnote, Vampire Knight annnd... Gravitation :p it was the first anime i really got in to, and i still love it even though it's a bit young for me now XD what about you?
    no but i played the videogame a long time ago...it was pretty cool. i don't think i'd like to be an action type spy, i'd like to be more of a technical spy...with computers and stuff.
    Oft! :p we had snow yesterday :L i wouldn't mind a little of that hotness in Scotland XD hehe ninjas are awesome :p aaaand, they can transform in to pirates any time they like :D
    Awesome :) it must be scortching over there right now! Hehe yes i am XD are you? I'm from Scotland :)
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