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  • Adventure games, mostly - the Gabriel Knight games, the Dracula Trilogy, Agatha Christie/Sherlock Holmes mysteries, Scratches, Sanitarium, Overclocked...most people have no idea what I'm talking about cause I think only 13% of Americans play games in the adventure genre - at least that's what Game Informer said :)

    I have a PS2 controller with USB converter so sometimes I play old Nintendo games on my computer - Mario, Diddy's Kong Quest, etc.
    np. I'm pretty good - a bit worn out. Went to work and it was a massacre lol. I wait tables and every waitress had so many tables and tickets that we started forgetting who had what and where.

    And how are you? Noticed on your profile that you play pc games; which ones, if I may ask?
    Hey, sorry it has taken me a while to reply to your comment on my pic! Yes, we own the land. :) I live on a farm, so we have quite a few fields and meadows, plus a bit of woodland. :)
    Ah, so school isn't even too much trouble for you now? :> Could it be that you have found a method to reduce your SAD?
    Cool!! My birthday is exactly a month later, on November 2nd. I'll remember yours! :)

    and yes Smashing Pumpkins is one of my favourite bands of all time...
    hehe yeah i'm done my book. I'm on to another now, it's usually what I do in the night when I can't sleep.
    Yeah summer is almost gone already though, i'm kind of happy about that though because autumn is my favourite season :D Are you going back to school in the fall?
    I was playing WoW but got bored with that, then Entropia universe but it's too expensive. I tried that new one Atlantica online, it seems ok but i haven't got into it. Oh and i played oblivion for about a month, it's a pretty good game but i still prefer Morrowind.
    Good to hear everythings ok with you. I buried myself in online gaming trying to forget my problems, so haven't been around much. But all is well now
    Yeah its been really hot up here recently bud,not in a nice way though its been really close and humid,thankfully it rained today and has coooled down :) And aw well Lewis the dog was a pleasure to foster hehe,but yeah some people are just idiots,Lewis was a Pit bull so we think someone had got him just cos he looks "cool" then realised he needed alot of training*sighs* or for fighting.Because he was scared stiff of going outside :( he would physicaly shake the poor thing.ANyway pm me your msn and ill add you again bud.
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