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  • I am indeed from Essex, more closer to London though than in the deep parts of essex =)
    I have no idea where suffolk is :D
    What are you studying? I'll swap my music theory classes with you. i can't stand the theory! Do you play anything? I play flute and oboe.
    Haha, wellll im alright, actually coming down with a sore throat i think. You're interested in music? Im a music major, actually i double major in microbiology as well. I also work at my school's radio station and just got back from radio show a moment ago! How are youuu?
    Nope, no instrumental talents on my end; I'm pretty tone deaf, lol. My bf plays guitar so what little I know has been due to exposure to him and his friends. Haven't met anyone that plays folk music, though. Nice to hear someone plays something other than metal :)
    hah, thats cool. :]
    i like any kinda music besides country. lmao.
    lately i've been learning some nirvana, some marilyn manson, the beatles.
    what about you?
    Thanks for the friend request!

    I'm doing well, how 'bout you? Saw on your profile that you play guitar - what kind of music do you play?
    Little bit hot but otherwise not too bad, yourself? How long have you been playing the guitar?
    Same here really had quite a bad week with social anxiety. I live in middlesex, just outside of london. How about you? :)
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