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  • no worries, i'm always out of it O_o'

    Don't mind my little bon iver moment, my friend is just obsessed with dude and plays his live songs 29 hours a day, ok wait for it.......... then my friend tries to SING & play the songs on guitar......and it's not pretty at all. so i'm just bon ivered

    Shoegazing is the way to go! Don't worry, it turns around quickly if your focus, i sucked at playing bass for a while then it just hit me.......NOW I'M MASTERFUL!!! (that's just my opinion though) O____O
    unfortunately i've been busy busy busy-etcetera.. you gotta show me some of your writing! i'll show you some of mine, what sound are your going for? don't say acoustic bon iver crap! O___O
    Eraserhead is DEFINITELY a mind f*ck! I can't even begin to describe it, it's so surreal - you have to see it at least once. If you've ever watched The Wall and thought it was trippy, that movie is small potatoes compared to Eraserhead.

    Another good David Lynch film is The Elephant Man, if you haven't seen it. It was made in the 80's but it has a very Old Hollywood classic feel to it. The lead actor is amazing as well, because he can't really make facial expressions due to the prosthetic makeup so he has to act almost entirely from body language, which not many people can do well.

    I've always wanted to watch The Virgin Suicides cause I love psychological movies, but for some reason I haven't gotten around to it yet.
    oooh..nice to see your still around! i've been M.I.A for a few months myself. how's the writing and shit going? Does music still RULE your soul? Tell me your secrets..

    favorite movies include Clue, Heathers, Gummo, A Clockwork Orange, Dark City, Pink Floyd's The Wall, Eraserhead, Dr. Strangelove, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Fido, classic horror movies (King Kong, Frankenstein, etc) and a bunch of others. Anything with Tim Curry is automatically in with me. I also like the so-bad-they're-good movies like Showgirls and Mommie Dearest.

    So what about you?
    No, Ebbe is not my real name. Is deerhunter your real... favourite movie?
    That's what i did with my first tattoo, it took me years to decide what i wanted then it took me ages to think of where to have it, but i'm glad i took the time to think, because i don't regret getting it one bit!
    Apparently i have an accent it's a blend of London and Sunderland so it's quite unique, but i don't think i have an accent at all because i'm used to it lol
    Thanks i kind of like it as well, but i'd like to get some more work done on it! do you have any tats?
    No way! The NJ accent is sooooo much more cooler than the New York one, i don't know why, but i just love hearing it lol
    Yeah, we're just chilling today, the weather isn't too good here right now, so it's nice to have an excuse to stay in and be lazy lol
    I'm ok thanks for asking, a little bummed because it's summer again and I absolutely hate the hot, humid weather. I think it's depressing to see everyone outside all happy and smiling and laughing with each other. I am going to pm you a short alphabetical list of some of my favorite bands...:)
    Thanks, and awww well maybe with a little sleep you might think of somthing to do tomorrow :) But yeah shopping is always good fun for us girlies lol. And erm well i'm not in London right now, i'm in Macclesfield with my bf. Hows New Jersey?? I love the accent you guys have!
    Hiya, i've had a really good day thanks, i've been shopping and that always cheers me up hehe How has your day been?
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