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  • Heh? I always thought Harley Q was the Joker's friend or girlfriend from batman... Hmm..
    It took me 2.5 seconds to figure out what the heck you meant... cents? Hugs? Damn, my avatar, LOL :D Alright!
    You are lucky... it's winter so i'm not sweaty, and so you get a dry hug! haha
    Haha. I'll keep that in mind. If I ever encounter that problem, I imagine it will be pretty funny thinking back on this caution. ty
    I'm taking notes, lol. American Lit, British Lit, and History of American [Language] - (horrible memory) all sound very beneficial. Poetry... I feel the same way as you did, hehe. I'll think about that one. ;) Thanks. I appreciate the info.
    I would say your "story-telling" is a good habit, imo. More detail allows for better understanding. I hope you don't mind me asking, but specifically what classes would you recommend if I was interested in taking a few to improve my writing skills?
    Hey Harleyq. I was just reading Scrabbl's comment on your being articulate (which I hands down agree). I was wondering if improving your writing skills has also enabled you to better parse and describe your thoughts. Strange question, I know, but it seems that not only do you have a articulate way of putting things, you are also able to fully comprehend, and subsequently, express your thoughts/feelings.

    Again, I know, strange. And this of course is speculation. But humor me, please :)
    mine is inspiron 1720 ...17 inch :), my HDD is having issues, so I'l planning buying a new one w/ better graphics cards, my friend told me i should buy a MAC Pro, battery power 8 hours, so I'm still deciding
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