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  • It was definitely a better time for music.

    There's a few good bands that are out now, but most of the ones I like are either holdovers from the nineties or harder stuff.

    I apologize for taking so long to respond.
    Ah, Nirvana. I still have a hard time listening to them, even all these years after Cobain's death.

    They were the best thing to happen to music in a very long time. When the Seattle sound arrived it was like this righteous tidal wave that crashed-in and washed-out all the stagnant BS that was playing on the radio and MTV.

    Those were great times, I love how those bands are starting to come back around. Alice In Chains is back, Soundgarden is returning, Smashing Pumpkins is back, Hole is gonna tour again...

    It's the second coming of grunge. I've gotta get over this SA and see some concerts.

    Ha Ha
    Mostly grunge, early to mid-nineties alternative rock.

    Among today's bands I like Rob Zombie, Smashing Pumpkins, Audioslave, but honestly I listen to just about every genre of music. I love Tori Amos and Beth Hart.

    All kinds of stuff appeals to me.
    I think I'm doing good. The only problem is that I don't have a "life", so it bothers me when I meet people, because they are likely to ask what I'm doing in my crappy life, lol. I hate it.
    I'm good , nothing new, same old stuff , just different days

    PS: sorry for taking long , i haven't visited spw since last time.
    i write poems, mostly thoughts i guess. i try to write novels too. you should totally post some of your poetry here in the forums! don't worry about that, it's more important to do something you enjoy. you can always have two jobs! writing can be an interest, it doesn't have to be a full time job.
    haha, well i can't put my mind in algebra, i don't understand it at all.
    Ha me too, and ditto. My weekend wasn't good or bad, I saw shutter island and that was a good movie you should see it and had orientation for school. Other than that...nothing....how about yours?
    Not much... I've been "surviving", lol, you know. I trying to improve, trying to study some stuff on my own as usual... but at the end of the day I still lose a lot of time for nothing ::(: What about you? It's good that you're back :)
    yeah, i wanted to be a doctor but i failed at maths so i'm screwed. i can't study maths again, i don't have what it takes, it's just a waste of time. i want to be a writer too, haha. i think i'm going to a 'writing university' when i'm done with college, my therapist suggested it for me. i don't believe i will ever be an author but it's fun to write and i'm pretty sure i wont have anything else to do anyway. maybe you should try that too?
    ao, that must be tough. it's hard to get back to school when you have been home for a while, or at least that's how i felt. i study health care and medicine. isn't there anything you can do without going back to school? what do you want to work with?
    I like the Deftones quote in your signature. The first concert I've ever attended was the Deftones' 'Back to School Tour'. I had school the very next day. I was so sore from jumping around and headbanging that it hurt to sit at my desk. lol
    Yeah, Adrenaline is sick. That's what happens to bands though, their first albums are great, and then they gradually get worse.
    Yeah, Nirvana is great. I'm a pretty big fan of the Deftones as well. I love their White Pony album.
    haha, I thought you did mean clorox. I'm into 60's stuff like Beatles, Pink Floyd, Cream, and Crosby, Stills and Nash. Also, I'm into Tom Waits, and classical music. You into any of that?
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