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  • I'm alright bro, thanks :D

    It's good to hear that you are too.

    I still "need this place" a bit... it's hard to change, but I'm trying...

    Wishing you all the best! :)
    Wiiiii! I'm glad you like the song! And I also like Clint Eastwood. Seems we have the same taste in music. Just really wanna tell you. But can't post it there coz it might break the flow of the thread. LOL :)
    yay! My sister just sent me an interac email transfer- I can get some new(cheap) shoes tomorrow!
    Haha I saw it XD Well, you posted some great music, so you can go nuts more often if you want ::p:
    Hey and thanks, I post as much as I can in there... because of boredom XD
    oh, well~ I get the feeling that Kiwong is an extremely fit guy, too.
    Whenever I read his posts, I'm just reminded of how much harder I should be working so I can be physically fit like that, too. haha

    I've been working out much more as advised by my GP and my therapist. So far I don't feel like it's helping me to be less depressed or more self-confident... but I do like running, even if I don't have the proper shoes for it and I constantly get giant welts and bruised toes and blistered heels which are very unattractive. XD
    Thanks for posting a reply on my thread.

    Here's a link to some good music:

    Calvin Harris - Bounce feat. Kelis - YouTube
    I hope it helps my confidence a bit, and helps me get in better shape. It is only one semester though, but if I like it I will try to find another kickboxing class in town. :)
    & I miss talking to you too, I might have to make a spw facebook after all. :D

    Thanks, I can't wait for the new dexter season to start!
    hey, I am good. I signed up for a kickboxing class! It's not martial arts school, but maybe it will help some. : D

    How have you been?
    Hey dude... I've been hanging in there - a little frustrated that I can't get anywhere but it's okay. How've you been?
    I met him through another website. We were friends for 2 years before a relationship came up, things just kinda happened. The plan is for me to actually move there in about 5 years, in that time I have the chance to arrange certain thing. Because right now the language and finances are rather big hurdles. But they can be solved in due time.

    I was talking to someone else about perhaps being roommates just the other week actually. But as it turned out, I don't make nearly enough to pursue that plan. I have a job but am paid through income support. Which is fine, as long as I can use some of it to keep busy, and balance work and personal time. ;)

    Oh, yeah, you're definitely right about that. I'm sure that it'll all become better when my I visit there. My vacation starts in exactly a month as of today, so that's relatively soon.

    I hope things are still okay on your end too. :3
    Ah, that's good to hear. It's a nice change of pace to hear that good people are doing good for a change. ;) I'm really not sure how I'm doing. It's changes on untrackable bases. One moment I might be fine, the other I'm edging on a mental breakdown.

    It's mostly due to the rut I'm in now. I used to play games and watch movie and do a lot of projects to add a little color, creativity and philosophy to the all that grayness. Lately I've been too tired/broke for any of that, leaving only work, stale TV reruns and checking messages that rarely come (that's not a shot at you, by the way. I'm referring to art sites and the likes. ;)). Combined with insomnia, you get the picture.
    I've been saving for a trip to Portugal so that I can meet my boyfriend there. Which is a good thing. But it's all costing a fortune. Not that I mind that persé, but it does take away the possibility for much needed grayness release, if you will.

    But it'll be okay. Next pay check is very much reserved for boosting moral with lost of entertainment. That must sound a little spoiled. ::eek::

    Sorry, this message got a little lengthy.
    Hey bro, doing good - life's still tough but I'm getting a bit tougher myself :). I enjoy life more than I used to and it's only getting better - so that's good. Hopefully I can keep this up and not fall into something like depression again. Hope you're doing good! You deserve it. Stay cool!
    Oh, don't worry about it. Last time I read something of you, you had more then enough reason to departure from the site for a while. I had seen you appear on the buddy-list from time to time, but expected that you'd reply in your own time, so I left you be. :3

    I've been doing alright as of late. Still figuring things out here and there, but then again, everyone is. How about you? Life threating you alright? :3
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