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  • ah yes, I feel like I ought to speak on behalf of those who have experienced the loss of their um... well, the money they've worked so hard to save needed for post-secondary education in the future and warn, I mean, caution anyone interested in that h*llhole, I mean, place, to remember: Scammers, I tell you! They are scammers! All their fancy-shmancy talk and advertisement... don't buy into it! :mad: It's funny, I wasn't mad when I left (in fact, I was utterly devastated) but after finding out how much debt I had to pay... I wanted the whole place to be cursed./double end rant. oh yeah, check your messages. :D
    heh... "art institute"? Like helllls no. Been there, done that. That place can rob a student's entire bank account in no time if you decide to change your mind. (long story) Well, the University I go to is located in the southwestern part of the province, I live in Canada btw. lol The Uni has built a pretty good reputation here due to the Fine Arts program as well as in Education. They even have programs that combine Education with certain fields you're majoring in.
    oh Thanks! :D I'm actually enrolled in a Fine Arts program in a University. It's what I like to do. Your avatar is quite cool and I thought maybe that's the kind of thing you're into, if you consider yourself as an artist. Maybe you're an "escapist"? I dunno if there's such a thing. lol For the most part, I use art as an escape, same with music. Which I'm sure many people do.
    Hello! just wanted to comment on your name... are you an artist, though?? i see you're a student... what are you studying??? later! :D
    Hi Im Ransford.I heard on the news the other day that there was a pretty big earthquake in the States recently.They even had to evacuate the White House.Worldwide there have been lots of intense wheather related events.Im beginning to sound like some sort of weather nut.Lol.Thats not the case,its just that the natural world is really interersting.
    Thankyou. I do love your name too, is it referring to anxiety? It has helped changing it, with the old name I always thought of negative stuff, when I see 'Hero' I feel more empowered. I had to start my profile from scratch though.
    Oh, and I also tell people it's not personal, I just need a lot of time to be alone, and that I don't see my old friends either even if they want to meet up or talk on the phone... Just explain and most likely people will understand!! People need different amounts of 'people' time and alone time...
    I have something I dread a bit tomorrow too, and I was anxious before something today too, these things help us grow and usually we feel better afterwards!! So take care, my great eco friend!! :)
    Hey Escape, you GO girl!! :)
    It's normal to feel drained from work etc, just explain it this way, people understand!! Or that you've been busy with things in private life/home/family etc too, hmm? (Or play dumb? :) Amazingly, it works sometimes!!) &you could say you were sick but then got better??
    Sometimes people expect us to be 'around' all the time, &we feel we oughtta be charged 100% - sometimes it helps if you say 'I'm cranky &not really great company' &if they still wanna meet up well, it's their call &their responsibility, it can be a relief actually to say it and 'don't expect 100%' &just be yourself... sometimes people r okay with 'just chillin' too &don't really need 'great entertainment'... just show up & that's it...
    been overwhelmed &learning these things too... Haven't done as much as I'd like to, it's hot &yikes the summer... so kinda taking it easy (or at least trying to :)) I'd like to do so much more but ahh well... Rome wasn't built in a day, they say?? :)
    You have a great personality. I have always thought that when i read what u write on the site. How are you? my first contact on SPW...*Hugs*
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