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  • hey there...in regard to your thread about not remembering conversations...i have this problem too. my feelings on that would be, as soon as someone says something interesting enough to remember it, then i'll start remembering;) sorry i don't have advice for you but i just wanted you to know you arent alone
    I love your name change from Toomuchfear to Hero :D Has it helped you to see yourself slightly different? I'm considering changing my name to something more like that also
    no i havent seen insidious, but i really want to! it sounds creepy, and people say it's pretty good, so ill have to watch it sometime! :)
    hmmm, well im not sure wut ur particular tastes are in horror novels, but Night Shift by Stephen King is good. it's a collection of short stories, they all have interesting plots and often a twist, i enjoyed it. oh, and i wud also recommend The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty. its an old book, i know, but its one of my favourites. its sooo much better than the movie. perhaps i liked it because of my interest in psychology though? it explored many factual references to murders and mental illness, which i found intriguing. anyways, those are the best books i can think of right now :p
    I'm extremely critical of myself. My childhood was unorthodox, living in 12 different locations over the course of my schooling. I've never had the experience of developing long-term friendship with others and any friends that I did make were forcefully stripped away from me, along with my identity to each location. I'm strongly introverted and you can probably imagine the developmental strain of going to a new school each year and attempting to make new friends.

    At about 12 years old I suffered from daily severe panic attacks in the stretch of months at a time. They'd recur until about 17.

    As for how it's affecting me now? I feel like I am not doing the best I can, I feel that there are an empire of irrational fears holding me back, from the very simple like grocery shopping to the more important i.e. careers/college.

    But acknowledgement and a studious, positive attitude has helped me.

    That's about it.
    wish it were small and minor as I want it to be, to say the least.

    I will assume that you've been taking brave steps in the right direction?
    yes, exactly what I was thinking. now hopefully you'll be reminded that you are a hero. :)

    and yes, just a small play on words. very bad at creating user handles lol.
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