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  • (-: you rhymed.

    Looked confused, bewildered he did. Thought with great certainty an Artist had vanished.

    Would feeling British and stuff be terrible or quite eloquent?
    I can do a crazy eye thing. Make them look side to side really fast.
    Relaxed, t'is good. May offer a spot of tea?

    And yeah I can look up, not sure about things though. What does things look like?
    yawppers I am indeed on. And so are you! Uhmm I have two left feet so I can't do the happy dance.

    I am relaxed. How about yourself?
    Ha, thanks. My problem is that I go to the psychologist and none of this comes out. ::eek:: I need to try and open up more, in particular about my ultra-negative thought patterns. It's all hard work.

    Haha, I'd like that! If you're ever in Australia, let me know and we'll grab lunch. :D

    I saw your post about being extremely unmotivated. Everything okay?
    The slow internet will make me go crazy, haha.

    Well, thinking about my personality and what I need to talk to my psychologist about next time I see her, which has to be soon, surely. I'm not sick of thinking about that, but it's something I would like to conquer. :) Self-discovery is right, because I'm finding out more and more about who I am and why I am the way I am in the past 9 months.

    You're cool, Escape. I like you. :)
    Hi Escape. :) I'm doing okay. I've been doing a lot of thinking lately which will probably get me nowhere, ha. Also my internet is slow and it's bugging me! *rage*

    How are you?
    Thank you! I saw the art for it and really liked it. I like his concept in general. MACHINE TEST by *HamletMachine on deviantART
    Haha, ya that is really me! I'm sort of an adrenaline junkie... and Missouri is great minus the humidity lol. Thanks for welcoming me to the site, I really like your avatar. the Lion King is definitely one of my all time favorite films.
    I think a big part of it is being absolutely flustered by constant human presence. At the store I'm surrounded by people, and at home I'm constantly surrounded by my brother and his girlfriend. They're just always there.

    You can kinda see it as a wound becoming numb due to intensity, rather then gradually damaging and healing and so growing a thicker skin.

    It's a situation where you know you're doing good, but drained in being/doing so. Which in my case results in strong desires of absolute calmth, isolation and serenity a certain amount of hours in the day, not getting that is stressing.

    It's nice to know you're good, though. Those momentary streak of good days are a warm welcome I reckon. Even if they don't last forever, it's nice to know you can still have them occasionally, right? :3
    I seem to be caught by two opposite yet overlapping sets of state of mind. It's kinda unnerving, but through constant meditation it's not too bad. Just need to catch my breath sometimes . ;3

    How about you?
    Hi there, I lived in Vancouver a while back for 6 years. Beautiful city, I have amazing memories from there. Hope u don't mind me saying.ha x
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