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  • Hi ukchick, I'm due to see one on the 17th, I'll update you on how it goes.. still been feeling the same mostly... I need a job
    Hi ukchick. I hope things are getting better for you. Was just reading a thread of yours from a month or so ago and was wondering if things were getting any easier. You mentioned going through a divorce, etc. I know that can be a very difficult time, been there. Anyway, big moist hugs! We love thee all thee all of you. :)
    Things are still tough for me.. I'm going to see a physciatrist shortly and I'm also aiming to getting robinol perscribed. Being unemployed is depressing too! Getting a little better though SLOWLY trying to accept my fate. How about you and your daughter? It makes me feel sad when I here she's having a rough time.. Has she had any success lately?
    Hi, sorry I just saw your message regarding the sage tablets. No, I don't believe that I experienced any negative side effects of sage. The only thing is it contains phytoestrogens which might be bad if you are a male, but it should be fine if you are female. In addition to stopping my sweating, I did notice some beneficial side effects like increased concentration. I am currently at college and I noticed that I can focus better after taking the sage. Keep me updated on how the sage works for you!!
    It breaks my heart to hear the struggle continues :-( my thoughts are with you as a family fighting this condition. I know how hard it is, I my self have started to self harm again,think its time I got more help this condition is gona be the death of me. But if it is thn I'll do all I can for others before I go hun. So don't worrie I'm gona fight this for ya daughter just as much for my self. Give her a hug from me pls. Nd I'll keep ya up dated with my progress in getting us recognised as more thn just an illness,its I life long battle..
    Mentally I'm ok body wise same old story hun nd yea this weather is a kick in the nutts for me.. how's ya daughter doing?
    I'm quite sure Robinul is the other name for glycoppyrolate which is what I have in liquid form from the dermatologist.she seemed quite convinced I could get in tablet form for my daughter if the solution didn't work! Can't understand why you are having problems getting it- saying that, i hear that people on this forum buy it from Canada( called Avert I think) but is expensive. Good luck with getting it, i get the impression it works really well fir people if you can manage the side effects.x
    Hi, can you remember these pills I mentioned,how I need funding?? Well there called "glycopyrrolate" I've got to apply to the PCT For exceptional treatment for funding.. this is my nxt step becoz oxybutynin ain't working.. so that's my update on dermatology :-/ seen your post and that's great news for you little lass :) the only way I don't get angry with HH is to stay at home.. bored.com all day
    Part of the prison system?!? We get one life, would be an awful shame and waste if you let the anger you feel having HH to dominate that. Gosh I'm going on a bit today,lol..sorry, I guess I have my kids to keep me positive,they never comment on damp/ sticky hugs and understand if I feel uncomfortable sitting close to them. Massive hugs coming your way x
    It's ok to ask me anything, answer is no I don't want to remain angry. But when I'm at a medical and I'm in the state I am, it kills the rest of the feeling I have left inside me. I mean in my mind alcoholics,drug addicts,even obese people are not sick. But still claim benefits... As there problems started with a choice, did we have that choice??? No is my answer hun.. so I'm guessing untill the medical board see my point. There is always a chance I may become a part of the prison system.. I really don't want any of this I'm only 25,, I just want them to understand what we go through...
    First day on them not too bad still sweating when I'm out but not half as bad, maybe in a couple of days they'll be in my system nd fully working. Feeling hopeful tho got to aint ya. Ow nd no problem
    I take glycopyrrolate, so a different med. She should have been provided with info on how/when to take it. I know mine doesn't work well unless I take it about an hour before eating. Also I sometimes have dry throat. Don't know what's available in the UK, but I use a line of products which are just for dry mouth--toothpaste, mouthwash, gel. I'm sure some equivalent must exist there.
    Hi Bomazu,thanks for your reply.I'm just not sure what I'd like to do as everytime I consider it I find a reason why it wouldn't be a good idea!ha. Realistically I need to be working,earning a wage, so I feel guilty considering spending my time doing unpaid stuff. In the end, I do neither!!!!! Ha.Time waster or what! How are things with you?x
    Hi ya, Thanks for your message. Yeah, I have considered volunteer work, I've even bookmarked a few web pages listing things I could potentially do, but have been putting it off! Now you've mentioned it again it makes me look at my situation and realize It could help a lot more than sitting at home on the computer all day. What kind of volunteer work interests you? :)
    Hi michelle, which machine are you using? I use the idrostar. I would say do around 14 initial treatments over 3 weeks, and from then on do a maintenance treatment once a week, or twice if need be. The key with maintenance treatments is not to over do it. Use a current of around 8 to 10mA unless it hurts her. My treatments last an hour in total - I do one hand and foot at the same time for 15 minutes on each polarity. Then I do the other hand and foot. Good luck :)
    U are welcome =) i know what it means have this kind of things and how much can make u down but u are a good mum ,its very nice to see u worrying so much about ur daughter and btw never let things or situations make u put down , unlucky most of ppl dont understand this thing how much can be hurted or how much its hard for us but luckly not everyone are like that and btw remember that cant rain forever so as u are doing keep doing and stay always close to her supporting ill be supporting u from here too =)
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