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  • Hey, I see you were on a few days ago. Sorry I missed you! How were the holidays? Hope you have a good year. :)
    I was thinking about you last night and I was going to come say hello. Happy New Year! I hope you had a good night and have a good day today.
    It's not looking too good so far :(. But but... I will make my first resolution, I WILL, and I mean I WILL take a picture of it this week!
    What's this I hear of there being far less monkey business around here on SPW? There's only so much natural havoc I can cause on my own here. We need all our Lemurs. ;D

    Hope you're well! Have a awesome new year. <3
    I am not sure, I uninstalled skype a couple months ago because no one talked. We need to talk for sure sometime, so let's figure out how to make that happen.
    HEY LEMUR! WHAT'S UP? I haven't talked to you in forever! How have you been?

    I am finally done with finals! I am so thankful to finally be done with this semester, it took all my energy to not drop out.
    LEGEND is amazing! hehe
    I watch Labyrinth and Legend once a year at least.
    The Neverending story was a good one, too~ with an... asian inspired flying dog/dragon... haha
    Nope, I will be going home for sure! This whole week I've done nothing but study, only to have to do more this weekend.

    Hope the holidays bring you back into good spirits too. :)
    Oh, yes~ especially if they sound like Sean Connery!

    Seeing as I'm a unicorn, us hornfolk and dragons never really did mix.
    Mayhaps someday I could befriend a dragon who doesn't mind that I'm a unicorn?
    why, thankyou~ I rather like it as well.

    ...and perhaps the dragon part is happening irl - but the marriage thing would never happen.
    Helloooo! I have been okies. I don't believe anyone logs into skype anymore, really, hahah.
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