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    SPW Cookbook! Post Your Recipes & Pics

    I'm always looking for new inspirations and good eats. Out is great but so is making/seeing what others like/create themselves! So - SPW chefs! Post whatever recipes you know/love/make. From PBJs to Foie Gras or baked goodies. All/any experiments welcome. And - feel free to post PICS TOO of...
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    Something GOOD That Happened Today!

    There's a positive side to every situation, surely as there's two sides to a coin and an inside and outside that form a cup. So, for all the bad we may focus on, there MUST be at least ONE good or nice thing, even a little bit we can think of and say. Even if for 1 fleeting second of the day...
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    Avoidance is Addiction with SA/Other

    Avoidance is Addiction This is for both AvPD/SA and GAD and other issues where avoidance becomes your main source of coping.. I'll use SA though to mean for both. And it's long, and a big thought/feelings sort of thing so it's a lot of "thoughts" I had to get it out, apologies but brevity is...
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    The Neverending Story Thread

    Continue the story long as can (these tend to go willy wonka quickly =D... (3-6 words MAX per post), continue where the last post left off. I'll start (more than 6 words to begin =D: "Once upon a time, there was a SocialPhobiaWorld where wonderfully shy and non-shyfolk alike did doth gather...
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    SaturdayNightLemur: Dance to your Fav Music!

    OKAY... time for SPW to get some groove on. This is a hairbrained idea of mine, like my usual ideas... but... dancin' is awesome and happy. No depressing music here =D Post music you love to move it move it too. Even just a little. Whatever it is. IF someones video made you feel the groove...
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    Deus_Ex_Poetry of a Lemur

    Just feel like posting some poetry. Not all finished. Some Lemuricks (limericks) and haiku to start. (my lemuricks are not hilarious; I just enjoy their structure) Lemuricks: Just Gimme Some Glue/Glued I can’t see past my porcelain hands splayed Out front of my weary eyes cracked and flayed...
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    Subconscious Sabotage

    Maybe a thread like this was made already, I don't know. Essentially, when you, in the moment, automatically do something without thinking that perpetuates and reinforces your SA or other bad habits. Feel free to post your own experiences, or let this die. Or just let me rant a recent...
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    A Lemur's Tail

    EDIT: Aside from a rant, this will be my diary of progress for SA/etc. this semester. Edit done. This is sort of a rant and write down of recent thoughts - IT'S LONG, I don't know brevity lol; nothing special, if care to read or not - just getting my thoughts on here. I haven't been here a...
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    Acting Class with SA experience/story (long)

    (I didn't realize I wrote a novel... I don't joke around when I say (long). But hopefully it's amusing, I just kept typing and typing and at 2am - so feel free to skim. A lot =) Just want to comment and share on a recent experience of mine and how it helped me greatly, but is by no means a cure...
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    The Absent Minded Lemur

    I forgot to introduce myself! Actually I was a member of the forum 6 months ago or so never posted much changed names. Anyways - Great place, great place! What's up? =)