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    Who we helping?

    Do our replies tell us more about ourselves? Do we stand on our soapbox, and give advice, when were the ones who need the advice. Books that we have read, experiences we have had aren't the answer to someones problems, how can they be- we only hear part of the story and our story has a...
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    Speed typing

    Man, you all type to fast! I can go to answer a topic that no-one has replied to-- By the time I hit send, and 5 or 6 people have beaten me too it.:confused: The worse bit it those before me have well thought out answers::o:
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    Journal entry

    deleted-sorry changed my mind.
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    What I hate!

    Is when I finally make time to buy ink for the printer, only to find I brought the wrong colour.:rolleyes:
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    That parent!

    I voiced my opinion tonight, very much told him how things should be! I'm sure were both right aswell as being both wrong as most aguments go and in typical form I apologised because he had a better excuse than me. Anytime I get fired-up, maybe my reasoning is correct but the way I handle it...
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    Perth AvPD

    Anyone from Perth with AvPD?
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    My wife in no uncertain terms reminded me that she doesn't love me. I alway had hope with my improvement, she may have seen the person she once fell in love with.
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    A good, good bye

    Well, it's my turn to say goodbye. Today this leaving is my reward for controlling Avoidance. It took awhile for things to finally make sence and with these understanding's I was able to dig myself out of a 33 year hole. Two people on here I have helped out and watched grow to success. I read...
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    Am I a Bully?

    Could I have some thoughts to the last comment on the last page of my thread, please. I have taken control over my life with lots of new beginnings and want to handle situations like this.... better? At home everything is like nothing...
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    If I watch supernatural shows or taps I get chills all the way through the programme Chills.. long, long chills up and down both legs, through the back then top of head with both eyes weeping. Few years back watching a similar TV programme I strongly believed I saw my dad who died before I...
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    Why am I angry around completely useless people? I get fired up as soon as I see them, as I can predict their lame or waste of my time question. I don't like being like this and would think it's apart of Avpd. I can't control something I don't understand. Regards Darryl
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    Meeting someone with Avpd

    I'm keeping thinking how great it would be to meet someone with Avpd. Apart from overanalizing and mistrust games you could play in your head, it would be like meeting a close brother or sister. One game to avoid is hide and seek- mmm not much seeking just hiding I read most of the posts and...
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    New to the forum

    Hi everyone. I have written and rewritten this first thread cant get it out right. So forgive me but i will put something down as part of the recovery. I found out last week that I have Avoidance personality disorder which believe it or not I was extremelly happy to know. I have lived with...